Tuesday, December 6, 2011

HIMYM and 2BG - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother "Symphony and Illumination?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- a really pathetic episode.  Seriously.
- Robin's telling her kids how she met their father.  Cut to Robin and Barney back in Lily and Marshall's bathroom.  At various points each of them is passed out on the floor, Barney repeatedly.

- Barney and Robin shop at We B Baby with Lily.  Barney thinks this is a good idea because maybe Robin will come around on the idea of a child. Barney runs into his old friend Insane Dwayne who's been saddled with a wife (a former one-night-stand) and kids and looks pretty crappy.  Aaaaaannndd Barney's gonna change his mind.

- He does and they're both thrilled at the news that Robin isn't pregnant.  They even jump around a do a little dance.
- Manwhile, Marshall is determined to decorate the beejeebers out of the house for Christmas.  He's thrilled to be able to introduce himself to neighbor-boy, Scott, as Mr. Erikson.  Scott gleefully agrees to help Mr. E with his decorating and Marshall is thrilled at what a great dad he'll be.

- Robin's back at her doctor's who informs her that she won't ever be able to get pregnant.  Cut back to Robin's kids and Robin confirms that Barney is their dad.  Huh.

- Marshall's on the roof with lights and Neighbor kid, Scott, steals Marshall's phone (when it drops) stands M on the roof by knocking over the ladder, and then proceeds to make himself at home in the house.  He then throws a party and ensures Marshall doesn't yell for help by taking a picture of his, uh, junk on M's phone.  Scott's a bad seed, y'all.

- Robin's seriously depressed about the never getting pregnant news and I say out loud, "But she didn't want kids."  Turns out it's that thing that even though you think you didn't want, once your told you can't have, then you want it.  I think men are convinced all women are like this. Oh and Robin has totally imagined this conversation with her kids.  She doesn't have any but she does have a carton of egg nog.  So there's that.

- To cheer her up Ted decorates the apartment with lights set to AC/DC (her suggestion from earlier).  FINALLY TED IS USEFUL!

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls "And the Reality Check?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Max and Han's hilarious Hipster vs. Homeless quiz:
 Hipsters                                                  Homeless
 wear skinny jeans                                      wear dirty jeans
              listen to Radiohead                           listen to the voices in their heads
           have a beard and a blog                     have a beard and so much sadness
The two on the right seem sad so they must be homeless
 - Max kicks out the hipsters and her reasoning?  "I don't want to be in the background of another instagram photo."  HA! 
- It's getting cold and snowy in NYC so Caroline has to figure out what to do with her horse, Chestnut.  They swindle Peach, whose kids (Brad and Angelina) Max babysits, into adopting Chestnut.  It works out that they can still visit Chestnut but I'll miss seeing him in the backyard.  Boo.

- And I'm guessing there won't be anymore Zano, like ever.  Whatever.

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