Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glee, New Girl and Raising Hope - Didja watch?

Didja watch Glee "Hold On To Sixteen?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- SECTIONALS!  But before we get to that...

- Quinn's plan is to get Shelby fired by blabbing about her affair with Puck.  Rachel tries to warn her against it twice and acts as the voice of reason.  What is going on with Quinn?

- Finn's plan to win sectionals is to get Sam back.  They find him at his day job...dancing (with not a lot of clothes on) for money.  Yikes! It's not the kind of performing they thought he was doing.  One of the dancers come out in a fireman's suit and Finn says, "I didn't know Backdraft was a musical."  Heh. They talk Sam's parents into letting him go and I guess he re-enrolls at McKinley so he can be part of the Sectionals team.  I guess we can ignore all the stuff about his parents having to fill out paperwork and verifying they live in the district, blah, blah, blah.  Sam is welcomed back to the group with open arms and gives us a fun rendition of "Red Solo Cup."

- Quinn even goes after Sam and tells him that since Mercedes has a boyfriend and they're both single they should get together.  Apparently she thinks he's responsible enough to be a good baby daddy.  Wow.  He's not interested and tries to get her to enjoy being young a little while longer instead of rushing to have a family and responsibilities.  But that info about Mercedes?  Well Sam's not gonna let her boyfriend get in the way.  He's coming after her and she's just fine about it.  Too bad I know this is just an arc for Overstreet. Will he woo her back only to leave again?

- Tina's trying to get Mike to go school for dance which is against his dad's wishes.  He's not thrilled she's pushing it.  He's even less thrilled that she goes straight to his dad about it.

- Blaine clashes with Sam which is only a slight change from the clashing he's been doing with Finn.  It's an obvious adjustment for Blaine to take a passive role in the group when he was such a big fish at Dalton.  Finn spots the tension and decides to quash it by talking about it.  What a novel idea!

- Now onto Sectionals...
First up is The Unitards.  What an awful name!  They sing "Buenos Aires" (spell check wishes that song was Bluenose Aries).

Next up is the TroubleTones (pictured at right).  They sing a mash up of "I Will Survive" with Beyonce's "Survivor."  It's good but their dance moves are not.  There are so many over-the-head arm movements that I feel like they're marionettes.

Last up are the New Directions.  They perform three Jackson songs: "ABC", "Control" and "Man in the Mirror."  I would say they make better use of the entire group but it's because we're seeing all three of their songs.  Also, they have lots of arm movements and I wonder about the choreographer. Oh and New Directions wins.  Duh.

- Mike's dad is there and Mike panics for a second but it turns out OK.  Dad is impressed with his moves and gives his blessing for Mike to follow his dream.  Awwww!

- Quinn gets fixed and even gets the girls back from the TroubleTones.  Next week: CHRISTMAS!

What song(s) did I buy?  The last one of the night, "We Are Young." 

Didja watch New Girl "Bad in Bed?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Jess and Paul do the deed but it doesn't go so well.  She goes to the guys for help and doesn't get much from them beyond Schmidt suggesting she try voices.  Yeah, that'll go well.  Has he met her?  Later she gets stuck watching over 5 hours of internet porn and the guys are genuinely concerned.
- She and Cece go lingerie shopping and Jess ends up buying something very bizarre with a starfish on it.

- Jess and Paul try again but the voices go a little haywire. She's doing a version of Katharine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story so Paul follows suit and slips into a Jimmy Stewart impression.  Not. Sexy.  Jess mistakenly thinks Paul might be into choking (something she saw on the 'net) and tries it.  He flees.  Later they come clean about their insecurities and all is well when they do it on the elevator:

- Meanwhile, Nick's hair is out of control but he hates getting it cut because he doesn't like being forced into conversation with the stylist.  He ends up going to Winston's barber and gets a weird fade or something.  It's bad.

- And Schmidt?  He's the only guy at his office and is trying to compete with Eva Amurri (aka Susan Sarandon Jr.) for attention from their VP.  He swindles an invite to the VP's baby shower and instead of bombing actually turns it into a rocking party.  Good for Schmidt.  Even pushing the very pregnant VP into the pool doesn't ruin things.  Huh.

Didja watch Raising Hope "The Men of New Natesville?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- A scaled down version of Natesville.  It was cool.  Creepy in it's authenticity but still kinda cool.

- Jimmy's gotten too girly (sewing, baking, etc.) so Burt is trying to butch him up.  Apparently he's at a 5 on Burt's scale and that's just above Rosie O'Donnell.  Heh.

- Jimmy agrees to blow stuff up with weirdo Frank from the market.  Turns out Frank's idea of blowing stuff up actually means inflating pool toys until you get lightheaded.  They end up at Frank's house where Jimmy finds the scale model called, New Natesville.  It even has little people.  Jimmy and Frank even find out they were bullied by the same kid in school.

- Burt thinks standing up to the old bully will do the trick so he, Virginia and Sabrina all get on board.  But we learn that back in the day, Virginia bullied the bully by putting lipstick on him and making him walk like he was wearing heels.  This will be important again.

- Jimmy and Frank train, sorta, and go to the bully's house.  A woman answers and reveals that SHE is the bully.  They sit on the porch while she explains about how unhappy she was as a boy and that anger made her into a bully.  Frank punches her anyway and it turns out she's still a bully.  She's able to wrestle them both onto the ground.  Heh.

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