Thursday, December 8, 2011

Suburgatory, Modern Family and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Suburgatory "The Nutcracker?"  If you had you woulda seen:
- George's mad lady skillz!

- He dumps his (crazy and emotionally unstable) city girlfriend, Zoe, by putting the blame on Tessa even though it's not at all accurate.  Tessa overhears this and, not understanding that adults lie/weasel out of things by putting blame on their kids, thinks that she's at fault and needs to get them back together. 

- George milks his fake post-breakup depression by watching lots of Cooking Channel and taking a wreath-making class.  Turns out he's hot for the wreath-making teacher.  He creates a party just to have something to invite her to.

- Tessa decides to invite crazy Zoe to the Christmas party too.  Hilarity will ensue. Probably.

- Lisa (my favorite character on this show), in an act of mom-defiance, does not wear her coat to the party! Unfortunately Tessa wants her to stand guard outside and watch for Zoe's arrival.  Yep, she gets stuck out there most of the night.  Without her coat.
- Zoe arrives and plants a big old kiss on George.  Unfortunately the wreath-making teacher sees this and he has to calm her down.  Then Dallas, whose crush on George has grown, shows up and kisses him too.  Wreath-making teach, who I'm sure has a name but I cannot be bothered, sees this and flips out.  Turns out George doesn't pick crazy ladies.  Instead he picks normal ladies and drives them insane.

Didja watch Modern Family "Express Christmas?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Christmas in a day! 

- I would really like to read Nana's newsletter.  I hate those things by the way, but hers sounds like a hoot.  She's dating a cruise ship captain.  She rescued a bird, which then died.  She even wrote a poem about it.  Plus she sued her bookclub!  Awesome.  I hope they have Shelly Long back soon.  She needs to work more.

- Everyone is going to be somewhere else on Christmas so they decide to do everything from decorating (Gloria and Luke), to gift shopping (Claire and Haley), gift wrapping (Cam and Jay), tree buying (Mitchell and Alex) and grocery shopping (Phil and Manny). I love seeing these pairs because they're not often together.

- Gloria and Luke have to go up to the attic to find the decorations and I'm shocked that Claire doesn't have that place done up perfectly the weekend after Thanksgiving.  That's a bit of a stretch, writers.   However...the picking on Gloria's accent thing never gets old.  Her Luke/look and one/Juan confusion with Luke was very funny.

- Mitchell and Alex buy a tree and end up going off on the tree guy.  They offer to tie the tree to the car themselves and it ends up in the street (where Gloria runs it over).

- Haley and Claire are at Target and Claire urges Haley to use her shopping gift.  It works pretty well and Haley even goes so far as to wear a Target team member shirt in order to steal a toy from a guy.  Good for her.

- Phil wants to get Jay the perfect gift (a Joe DiMaggio baseball card) but Manny misunderstands a butterball reference and manages to use Gloria's stun gun on Phil.  It's pretty funny.  Phil crushes the crap out of the card and has to give up the turkey he just bought.

- So the tree is demolished, as is Claire and Mitchell's favorite ornament, the turkey is gone, and no one is feeling very Christmas-y.  Jay suggests they have a traditional Jewish Christmas and wants to treat everyone to dinner at a Chinese restaurant. They head outside only to be surprised by the snow Jay ordered for them.

Didja watch Happy Endings "Grinches Be Crazy?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Brad and Other Blonde are headed to Turks & Caicos for Christmas and are rubbing it in everyone's face.  There's a mixup and they end up tipping the housekeeper with their trip money ($2000 instead of $200).  Ooops.  They keep trying to get it back from her but chicken out until Other Blond steals the money from her purse.  Whoa.

- Penny gets Max to play Santa for a charity event.  Turns out he has a heart and the kids with their sob stories really get to him.  Awwww!

- Alex insists on giving coupon books to everyone and Dave calls BS because she knows no one ever cashes them in.  He does and gets dinner and a DJ, an indoor beach party and even a kiss.  Hmmmm...

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  1. I love you for:
    1. dissing Christmas letters (my dad writes one every year).
    2. calling Other Blonde "Other Blonde."