Friday, December 16, 2011

Today in Pop Culture History: A Quiz!


16 December 1971: Did you write the Book of Love? Can you decipher it? Today marks the anniversary of American folk singer Don McLean's nearly-nine-minute-long epic "American Pie"-- a pop culture artifact about pop culture! Meta! The meaning of the song's esoteric lyrics have been debated by, well, people who like to debate such things since the song's release forty years ago today. A tentative consensus has been reached concerning the major figures and events named--so I give you a Today in Pop Culture Quiz! First, listen to the song:

Then, match the obscure lyric with the event or person it allegedly describes! Fun!

1. "The day the music died"

2. The "jester" who sang in a coat borrowed from James Dean, and was later sidelined in a "cast."

3. The "sergeants" who played a marching tune.

4. "Satan" 

5. The "girl who sang the blues" who "turns away" rather than giving "happy news."

6. "The flames climbed high into the night / to light the sacrificial rite"

A. The Beatles

B. Altamont

C. Bob Dylan

D. Mick Jagger

E. The February plane crash that killed Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.

F. Janis Joplin

I'll publish an answer key tomorrow!

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