Friday, December 30, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin
Director: Steven Spielberg
Stars: Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis, and Daniel Craig

Ok, I really enjoyed Tintin.  It's getting mixed reviews I guess but I didn't bother reading any of them before I saw it.  All I needed to know was that Spielberg was directing it and I knew I'd be seeing it.  He has me at 'Hello' every time. Then I find out the cast included Bell, Serkis, and Craig then add to it two of my favorites Simon Pegg and Nick Frost and there weren't wild horses alive that could keep me from seeing it.  THEN I FIND OUT that Edgar Wright (writer/director of Shaun of the Dead), Steven Moffat (writer behind Doctor Who and the BBC's Sherlock) and Joe Cornish (the up and coming writer/director of Attack the Block) were the screenwriters and I was counting the days. 
I was blessed to be in attendance at Comic Con this past summer when Spielberg and producer Peter Jackson talked about making this film. To hear them describing the technology behind it and the fun they had making it was pretty cool.  I honestly didn't care what the story was and maybe that's a problem.  Don't know if it is and I don't care either.  Ok, it's not perfect.  If it was then it'd be doing better than it has been.  It seemed a little long (however it was only 107 minutes) and the story is basically a young Indiana Jones type deal.  But if you go in expecting to get mystery and adventure you won't be disappointed. Tintin, his dog, Snowy and new friend, Captain Haddock, go all over the place and piece together the mystery of a model ship that Tintin bought, which has only brought him trouble since he took it home. 

Aside from the issues it was really cool to watch.  The animation was incredible and at times I forgot there weren't real people on the screen.  Sadly I don't have much else to say.  It really was a fun adventure and totally worth seeing on a big movie screen.  I saw it in 3D and was very glad I did.  It was what movies should escape.

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