Friday, December 2, 2011

Community and Parks and Recreation - Didja watch?

Didja watch Community "Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism/"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Jeff all perturbed by some loud foosball players.  Abed informs him that they're European and that "foosball is like the soccer of ping pong."  Jeff confronts them and gauntlets are thrown.

- Annie, while cleaning, steps on Abed's $299, special edition of the Dark Knight.  She's gonna find a way out of this even though Troy warns her it never works on sitcoms.

- Shirley's a foosball savant but she walked away from it years ago because of what it did to her as a person.  They call the Euro foosball enthusiasts "Deutchbags" and my heart swells a couple of sizes.  Shirley agrees to train Jeff even though it could go very badly.

- Annie faking a robbery to try and get away with the wrecking of Abed's DVD.  Abed's too smart for her though and realizes the robbery was an inside job.  He blames the landlord and Annie doesn't stop him.  Abed Batman-suits up and is on the search for a little vengeance.  His voice even gets ridiculously deep and grumbly.
- Back to Jeff and Shirley...they're ready to kick a little "Das Butt" and set a match with the Euro boys.  Jeff asks Shirley why she's ignored her foosball gift all these years and she recounts a story (via flashback) about how she was schooling this little white boy and was so mean that she made him pee his pants.  Cut to Jeff who's in supreme shock because HE. WAS. THAT. LITTLE. WHITE. BOY!  Shirley was hella mean and her nickname was "Big Cheddar."  Jeff's unfortunate nickname after the incident?  "Tinkletown."  Heh.

- They face off and the show slides into some anime.  And it is awesome.  The ball gets stuck and neither goes in to get it.  They apologize and are now better friends.

I seriously love this show and that typically means it will be torn out of my life.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation "The Trial of Leslie Knope?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Leslie and Ben come clean to Chris about their relationship.  Chris loves them both but can't ignore the fact that they have broken rules and need to be investigated for ethics violations.

- Chris's full nutty side comes out during the trial.  He takes tons of vitamins, exercises as much as possible (during the trial) and even plans on calling 14(!) witnesses.

- Leslie's got everybody working to prove her innocence and Ann's big task is to text her every 30 seconds to say everything is going to be alright.

- If you watch the show you know it prides itself on the various paintings and murals around city hall.  We see a horrifying man whose face was blown off.  The other big mural is of a woman who, in 1849, exposed some elbow when she was outdoors. This act was a class A felony at the time and not only did she admit her wrongdoing but served her punishment with pride.  Her punishment?  Standing on an ice floe in the middle of Lake Michigan.  Leslie's awesome quote about this lady, "When you sit back and let your reputation be destroyed you go down in history as a frozen whore." 

- Chris thinks he has a killer witness in Tammy 2 but she doesn't actually know anything useful.  She does, however, make Ron run from the room and that's always fun.

- Then Chris's real killer witness comes in and it's a guy that Leslie bribed to keep quiet when he found her and Ben kissing.  Leslie gets suspended for 2 weeks with pay and it's because Ben took full responsibility for it and resigned.  Awwww!  HE REALLY LOVES HER!!!

- The funniest line was when Chris says to Leslie, "You wounded me to my core which isn't easy since the bulk of my workouts are focused on core strengthening."  Heh.

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