Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Glee, New Girl, and Raising Hope - Didja watch?

Didja watch Glee "I Kissed A Girl"?  If you had you woulda seen:
They kissed a girl and they liked it.

-Finn stand up for Santana about the slap she gave him.  He knows she's acting out because she's hurting inside.  He wants to get through to her somehow and his idea is...

- Ladies Night, er Week!  Songs by ladies and for ladies.  Kurt & Blaine did P!nk's "F'ing Perfect."  Puck Sang Melissa Ethridge's "I'm The Only One" to Shelby and both Rachel and more importantly, Quinn, spotted it.  Finn sang a painfully slow and depressing version of "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."  I will probably be in the minority but I didn't love that last one.  The girls all sang "I Kissed A Girl" and that was a fun one.

- Sue decides she needs to find a man in order to help her campaign for Congress.  She opens her big, black book and scan through names like Todd Bridges, Vladimir Putin, Dan Quayle, Stephen Baldwin, and Oliver North.  Even David Boreanaz gets a shout out.  Meanwhile we find out Coach Biest is really digging her new man, Cooter the football recruiter.  That's gonna end poorly.  Speaking of...guess who is Sue's choice for a boyfriend?  Yep, Cooter the recruiter.  Biest is heartbroken and gives us a rendition of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."

- Rachel has decided Kurt needs to win the class president election no matter what so she can have her best gay with her at NYATA (New York Academy of the Arts, I think).  Kurt briefly mentions stuffing the ballot box but decides against it.  Rachel, apparently thinks this is a good idea and does it.  Kurt gets in trouble for it but Rachel confesses, gets suspended and banned from performing at Regionals.  Now there's an interesting twist.

- But the big story is Santana coming to terms with being a lesbian and coming out to her family since pretty much everyone at school already knows.  Her conversation with her parents goes well, much better than the one with her abuela.  Even though her abuelita is ashamed that she didn't keep this secret to herself, Santana has the Glee kids behind her and feels their love.  Her version of k.d. lang's "Constant Craving" was great and I downloaded it before the song was over.  I've always loved that song.

Note: I'm kinda glad we aren't focusing so much on Mr. Schue and Emma.  We got lots of them last season and this break is welcomed.

Didja watch New Girl "Bells"?  If you had you woulda seen:
I can't believe an entire show was centered around bells.

- Winston's not happy with his temp job and jumps on the chance to help Jess out with her high school's bell choir.  They're bad.  Winston's a savant.   He's so good that he decides he's going to teach them "Eye of the Tiger" aka. the greatest song ever.

- Winston gets so into it that he berates the kids which forces Jess to kick him out of the group.  Her explanation of the kids not needing one more person in their lives telling them they suck is pretty great.  Also pretty great?  Her equating their bell-playing to "a guy covered in bells, falling down a staircase also made of bells."

- Meanwhile Schmidt and Nick are fighting over how Nick fixes things.  Nick goes the 'good enough' route which includes using a soda bottle on the toilet.  The fighting escalates from how Nick fixes things to how Schmidt would rather throw money at the problem.  They even bring Midori Sours into the argument and I suddenly remember how I used to drink those in college.  They were yummy! 

- Anywhoodle, my favorite part of the episode (the one I rewound and watched again) was simple and dumb but cracked me up.  After Schmidt tries to get back his conditioner that Nick used (from Nick's hair), Nick jumps up and chases Schmidt around and around the kitchen.  I'm sure no one else laughed like I did but it really cracked me up.

Didja watch Raising Hope "Bro-gurt"? If you had you woulda seen:
I had forgotten about the Diceman. 

- The "Invention Convention Extravaganza" is in town and is being judged by a celebrity guest...Andrew "Dice" Clay.  Burt nails it with his response, "His cassette has been stuck in my car for like 10 years!"

- Virginia tasks everyone with coming up with an invention so that they can finally get their chance to have a better life.  Burt's idea: Bro-gurt.  Man-flavored yogurt.  No, not yogurt that tastes like a man.  Instead it's yogurt that comes in flavors that men would like: pork chop, stew, cheeseburgers, etc.

- Jimmy comes up with the baby-mop which is basically attaching a mop to a baby so they can clean while they crawl around.  It's cute until Sabrina suggests attaching a mop handle to it so you can push the baby around.  Instead of a baby mop it gets pointed out that attaching a handle to it just makes it a mop that cries.

- No one's idea get chosen but each of them learns some sort of life lesson.  Also there's a funny conversation at the end about them not being able to get through more than 10 minutes of Wizard of Oz because what's the point of watching a black and white movie on a color television?  Plus baby Hope only likes movies with singing, dancing and monkeys.  Heh.

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