Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Being Human, season 2

I thought my friend Dana and I were the only ones watching the US/Canadian Being Human but it turns out Tracy likes it too.  Great minds!  It's on Syfy and the second season just started up last night at 9pm.  Yes, it's science fiction but mostly it's a show about 3 roommates trying to achieve normalcy as best as possible.  You see, the roommates are a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost.  I guess there are no witches looking on Craigslist for roommies in Boston.

The vampire is Aidan and he's been around for a while.  In fact he was made into a vampire during the Revolutionary War.  Aidan's been trying to live as normal a life as he can in Boston where he works as a nurse.  He tried not drinking human blood for a while but had a nasty relapse early last season.  His mess got cleaned up by Bishop, head of the Boston vamp clan.  Vampire politics being what they are, Aidan and Bishop has some issues throughout the season and Aidan ended up killing him and inheriting not only the Boston clan but Bishop's group of recently turned orphans.  Aidan's now the temporary leader of the Boston clan and trying to figure out how to get back to his semi-normal existence from before. 

Sally is our resident ghost and she has a heck of a story.  She was engaged to Danny and though they had some bumps, were pretty happy.  It's too bad that one of those bumps, Danny's anger, led to Sally's death.  They argued at the top of the stairs and Sally got pushed.  By the time Sally reached the bottom step she had died.  Unable to move on, Sally made use of her time by haunting the house, haunting Danny, and getting to know other local ghosts.  By the end of the season her door to the beyond appeared but she didn't make it through.

Then there's the werewolf, Josh. A bit more prone to isolation, Josh spent last season finding out how to best control his 'time of the month' and falling in love with nurse Nora.  Oh yeah, Josh is an orderly at the hospital where Aidan works but has dreams of going to medical school.  He's a little nerdy, a little goofy but terribly sweet and just wants to protect those around him, especially from himself.  He and Nora finally get together (that was a doozy!) and she even ends up pregnant.  He transformed in front of Nora so now she knows what he is and it doesn't change her feelings for him.  It's too bad that Josh scratched her and now it looks like Nora might be in for the biggest change of her life.

So now you're caught up!  Let's get on with Season 2!

"Turn This Mother Out"

Aidan tries helping one of Bishop's orphaned vamps by giving him a bag of blood in order to keep him from feasting on any of Boston's human population.  The guy is terribly whiney about a) having to drink someone's blood donation and b) that being a vampire isn't all he thought it would be.  He left his wife and kids for something more than being hungry all the time and only getting bagged blood.  Plus the newbie asks Aidan about who "she" is because he keeps hearing that "she is coming."  Aidan seems to know what he's talking about and is hopeful that "she" will have some answers for him.  That "she" is Mother (pictured) and she is indeed coming to Boston but then the rumors change to her plans of culling the Boston clan.  This isn't any less settling news for Bishop's orphans but Aidan still seems hopeful that things will work out all right.

Josh's 'time of the month' is here and Nora is asking tons of questions about what it's like to be a werewolf, how does it feel, what does shifting feel like, etc.  Josh would rather protect her from that part of him but she's desperate to know all she can.  It's too bad she doesn't feel like she can tell him what's really going on with her...she's not sure if she'll be shifting too.

Sally's high school reunion is today and Aidan, Josh and Nora think she should go.  It's rare that you get to be there and not be seen.  Plus she gets to be the one who died too young, too early and while still beautiful.  This does the trick so Sally decides to go.  While there she runs into Stevie who killed himself their junior year.  He's been hanging around the school since then and even has the 411 on their class's most recent loss...the prom queen.  Stevie also tells Sally that she can not only sleep but dream and the dreams are pretty darn vivid.  Cool.  Sally gives the prom queen a good talking to, prom queen learns her life lesson and her door pops up.  Off she goes and poor Sally is still stuck on the earth.

Aidan's at some creepy hotel for his meeting with Mother.  She doesn't give him Boston and decides her daughter would be the best candidate to take over with Aidan as her second.  If he cooperates he'll get what he wants, true freedom from the vamps and their politics.  Also, she does want to cull the clan and get rid of the orphans.  They get wind of this and show up later to complain with their pointy stakes.  Mother watches as Aidan dispatches them and is quite pleased.  She'll be even more pleased when "the wolf" is removed and no longer a distraction for Aidan.  Oh she best not mean Josh!

Back at Syfy Manor Sally takes a nap and has a dream where her door appears but there's a creepy figure off in the distance that gets closer and closer and eventually comes through the door.  Sally awakens freaked out not only by the dream but the fact that she's been levitating too.

Each episode should have Aidan digging something up, wife beater optional.
Aidan is digging something up in the forest and at the same time Josh and Nora have arrived so he can wolf out.  He departs her car and she sits in there thinking for a while.  Soon enough Josh is shifting and so is Nora...much to her dismay.  She opens her door and let's out a scream, which Josh hears.  He starts heading her direction but is slowed down by a silver bullet from the Amish vamp guy that Mother sent.  So she did mean Josh.  Mother effer!

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