Thursday, January 5, 2012

Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings - Didja Watch?

Didja watch Suburgatory "Driving Miss Dalia?"  If you had you woulda seen:

-Tessa ace her driving test only to be hired to chauffeur Dalia around.  Dalia's driving (6th) driving test went pretty terribly with the instructor on a stretcher and Dalia with whiplash. At least she got a bedazzled neck brace!

- Dalia makes Tessa stalk a boy, Scott Strauss, who graduated last year and is the hottest guy to ever live in Chatswain.  Tessa ends up rearending him (or "banging" as Dalia put it) and I'm so glad she did because Dalia is right.  DUDE. IS. HOT.  (FYI-It's Thomas McDonnell who I think should have been Gale in Hunger Games)  Tessa is forced to ask him out on Dalia's behalf and he agrees but we know it's because he's sweet on Tessa.

- Dalia is so happy to be on a date with Scott that she actually smiles at Tessa.  Their new found friendship doesn't last long because Scott tells Tessa he likes her.  Tessa comes clean with Dalia who insists she must be joking because Scott Strauss would never be interested in Tessa.  Says Dalia, "Tessa, you remind me of Tyler Perry right now.  You're joking but you're not funny."  HA!  Dalia declares war on Tessa and I bet it'll be fun to watch.  Especially if it means McDonnell is around a bit longer. Don't worry, he's like 25 and totally legal for me to be crushing on.

- Meanwhile George is trying to get into the local country club because he's a big fan of saunas I guess.  He finally gets in but there's a fight and other silliness.

Didja watch Modern Family "Lifetime Supply?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Lots of fun with Phil!  Really the show should be called Phil's family.

 - Phil is having a bad couple of days.  First his doctor thinks he feels something, runs some tests, tells Phil he'll call if it's serious, calls Phil but then leaves the country before Phil can return his call.  Oy!  So Phil thinks he's dying and by the end of the episode so does everyone else.

- The next day Phil runs out of his lifetime supply of razors!  He won them years ago on a game show and thought they should have lasted way longer.  Poor Phil!

- Mitchell won an award for environmental law and puts it on the mantle.  Cam decides to put a trophy of his own on the mantle too but it's of a fish and Mitchell thinks he's just trying to be competitive.  Turns out Cam's got TONS of awards but he's left them boxed up so he didn't make Mitchell feel badly about himself.  By the end of the episode Mitchell goes from being pissy about it, realizing that since Alex agrees with him he's acting like a 14-year old girl, to wanting to put Cam's trophies on display.  Too bad that when he gets the trophies there's a mouse so all Cam sees is Mitchell stomping on his trophies.

 - Gloria's ex, Javier (played by a still-hot Benjamin Bratt) shows up and wants to spend some time with Manny.  Gloria insists Jay go with them to spend the day at the track because the last time he visited he took Manny to the petting zoo which turned out to be the name of a strip club.  Heh.  At the end of the episode everyone is at Phil and Claires trying to console them about Phil's mystery disease.  Javier is sharing his wisdom with Claire who asks, "Who is this?" Cam's response: "Who indeed?!?"  Ha!

- BTW...Phil is fine. His doctor just wanted to talk real estate.

Didja watch Happy Endings "The Shrink, the Dare, Her Date and Her Brother?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Everybody up to their usual hijinks. I shouldn't admit this but because I can never remember half the character names, my notes refer to them as a stereotyped identifier: Blonde, Other Blonde, Black, Gay, etc.  The only two whose names I remember are Dave and Penny but they'd be in my notes as Neurotic 1 and Neurotic 2 and there's no way I'd keep them straight.  I'm going to look up their names right now but I will forget them again by next week.

- There's a sweater that Jane and Max are fighting over.  It's decided that the person who can look ridiculous the longest wins the sweater.  They each come up with a terrible outfit for the other person. 

That's a Princess Di tee he's wearing.  Jane says he looks like "Jamiroquai before Labor Day."  That was kind of funny.
Jane looks like a cracked out Mrs. Brady.  She even has the ugliest mom jeans on.

- Neither of them wins and they end up in their underwear in front of some firemen.  It's strange.

- Alex and Brad try to connect.  They're in laws and have nothing to talk about.  At the end of the episode they find out they both have a weakness for rom coms.  In fact they both attended Chicago's Rom Com Con.  Ridiculous.  Like people would go to a convention for movies. 

- The best part of the episode was Dave's therapist, Dr. Richard Rickman played by...KEN MARINO!  I've had a crush on him since the mid-90s when MTV was running The State.  Dr. Rickman has a crush on Penny and even stalks her a bit.  She finds this incredibly flattering and agrees to go out with him.  We meet Penny's therapist too.  Both shrinks think Dave and Penny have unresolved feelings for each other.  I hate when shows do this kind of thing.

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