Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HIMYM and 2BG - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother "46 Minutes?" If you had you woulda seen:
 - Barney's alternate opening credits.  That's "Better Lily" and "New Marshall" with them.

- Marshall and Lily are officially moved out of the city and into Long Island.  This is very upsetting for Robin, Barney and Ted. They won't let anyone sit on the other side of the booth.  Because they're mature adults.  Anyway, Barney seizes the opportunity to become the group's leader since there's no boring married couple to shoot down his ideas (really it's just the one idea - going to a strip club).  The first alternate credits are mostly of Barney and just him singing or whatever it is they do in their credits.

- Marshall and Lily are getting settled in their house but Lily's dad, Mickey, is still hanging around and telling them inappropriate sexual things about growing up in that house. 

- Ted, Robin and Kevin go to the strip club with Barney and get to see Lily's Russian doppelganger along with her big, Russian boyfriend.  Barney decides they'd make good replacements for Lily and Marshall and we're given a who new opening credits sequence.  Later they all end up at a sketchy card game and even though Ted wins big, he gets robbed by "New Marshall."  Old Marshall wouldn't have done that.  Stupid Ted. 
- Marshall and Lily short out a fuse and lose their lights.  Mickey decides to have a little fun taunting Marshall.  He decides to help out and sends Marshall on an obstacle course to the fuse box in the basement.  It's all fun and games (literally-Mickey actually turns it into a board game) until Marshall knocks over a table full of dominoes in the shape of...dude I can't remember.  Was it Barbara Eden? 

- Robin, Ted and Barney end up at Marshall & Lily's in time for breakfast and the table at MacLaren's is replaced by Marshall and Lily's kitchen table. 

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls "And the Upstairs Neighbor?"  If you had you woulda seen:

JENNIFER COOLIDGE!  Stiffler's mom may be a new fixture in Brooklyn, y'all!

- Max and Caroline find out their upstairs neighbor died 2 weeks ago and no one in the building knew.  This bums Caroline out so she decides to start meeting the neighbors.  Armed with a plate of cupcakes she knocks on the door across the hall only to have this guy open the door:

 Yep, he's on a leash.   They make some joke about if they get a dog they know who'll be able to walk it but I feel like there were some better jokes that no one thought of.  I can't think of any right now either but I'm not a sitcom writer.

- Their new upstairs neighbor listens too loudly to the Bee Gees and walks around in loud shoes.  Max leaves a nasty note so the neighbor comes down to confront them and it's Jennifer Coolidge with a Polish accent.  Even though Caroline bonds with her over Chanel lipgloss the noise continues.  They go up to confront her and find the apartment filled with lovely young ladies in nighties.  There's even a porch swing!  The conclusion Max and Caroline jump to is that she's a madam.  Actually it's the conclusion I jumped to as well.

- She offers to hire them so they can make more money towards the cupcake business.  There's a funny comment from one of her customers about Max looking like she can "take a lot."  Turns out she owns a cleaning company and the hotties in the nighties were there for a sleepover.  The porch swing is for her future dream home back in Poland.  The girls apologize and all is well.  I hope Coolidge is around for a while.

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