Friday, January 27, 2012

30 Rock and Parks & Recreation - Didja watch?

Didja watch 30 Rock "Idiots are People Three!" and "The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell"
- Jack's nemesis, Devon Banks, shows up to use Tracy's offensive comedy as a way to blackmail Jack into helping him. Devon wants to get his triplets into the most prestigious preschool in NYC so Jack has to call in a bunch of favors to help him out. 

- Tracy and his idiots have formed a group...National Association of Zero Intolerance...and are still protesting Liz and TGS.  In order to get them to stop protesting Liz has to give in to their demands which include airing a Denise Richards music video.

- Liz is also contending with all of her boyfriend's flaws that Jack has unhelpfully pointed out.  Criss, the boyfriend, wants to use Jack's investment money for a food truck so he doesn't get in trouble for selling things from a van to kids.

- Jack gets Devon's gaybies (Jack's word, not mine...but yes, I repeated it) into the school and this is when Devon points out that Jack had to use all his favors up and won't be able to get his own daughter into the school.  She'll have to go to...gasp!...public school!  Thanks to a talk with Tracy, Jack realizes that kids who have a tougher time usually end up being better adults so he's cool with it.

- Criss tries to give the money back to Jack because he doesn't understand Jack's relationship with Liz (Jack explains that she's his "subordifriend").  Jack changes his mind about Criss but I can't remember why.

-Meanwhile Kenneth and Jenna, with help from Kelsey Grammar, are still trying to deal with Pete.  Kelsey stages a one-man Lincoln show to distract the NBC employees while Kenneth and Jenna move Pete's now conscious body.  They still manage to stage it like he's been drunk/high for the past few days though. It's all very strange but then this show tends to be strange anyway. 

On the later episode (by now I was tired of the show and really missing Community):
- Jenna betrays Liz for fame so they break up.  Jenna decides she should hang out with people like her (an unheard of Kardashian, the "Charlie bit my finger" kid, and Mankind.  Liz finds someone just like her and realizes their friendship won't work because they're too similar.

- Jack has to track down a gift he bought for the new owner of NBC and fires the pages too.  What will Kenneth do?  Maybe he and the pages will protest but then I think they did that once before on this show.  Jack replaces them with a computer and by the end of the show realizes that computers aren't as great as people because it's easier to blame your mistakes on a human.

- Tracy is having a birthday and gets depressed about life when he realizes he's so rich he has everything so what is there to live for?  Grizz and Dot Com spend the episode trying to prove that life is worth living.

On Parks and Recreation "Bowling for Votes"
 - There's a focus group to determine the public opinion of Leslie.  They don't really like her all that much and one guy even says she doesn't look like someone you could bowl with.  This sets Leslie off because she really is a good bowler.  Just ask Ron.  So Leslie is now determined to get this guy, Derrick, to like her.  She organizes a bowling event to get to know voters but really she just wants Derrick to like her.  She'll even let him win!

- April, Andy, Chris, Donna and Jerry are at April and Andy's house (and Ben's) to call folks to raise money for the campaign.  Jerry offers a bonus of movie tickets to the Pawnee monoplex to the person who raises the most money.  Just to make the ever chipper Chris's happiness go away, April vows to beat him. 

- Back at the Rock 'N Bowl, Tom is bowling with Ann and Ron and grannies it down the lane.  This infuriates Ron but gets Tom a strike.  Ron ends up hurting Tom's fingers and Tom makes this pitiful whiney noises like a little, hurt bird. 

- Chris tells the group at the house that he wants to ask Jerry's daughter to move in with her.  He leaves the room and Jerry tells them his daughter actually wants to dump Chris instead. She does and he's pretty dang upset about it.  April wins the movie tickets and is so sweet that she buys an extra ticket and invites Chris to hang out with her and Andy sometime.  Wow.

- Leslie is bowling with Derrick and is letting him win.  He goes to leave and still won't vote for her.  The conversation escalates and he calls Leslie a bitch.  Twice.  On the second one Ben punches him.  Good thing there's a photographer from the paper there to catch it on film!  Ben wants to resign but Leslie loves that he did it.  She holds a press conference with Derrick and almost apologizes but then changes her mind.  He calls her a bitch again and proves her point.  They show the press conference footage to a new focus group and they like Leslie.  They like her a lot.  Yay!

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