Friday, January 20, 2012

30 Rock and Parks & Rec - Didja watch?

Didja watch 30 Rock "Idiots are People Two!"?  If you had you woulda seen:
 - Liz's boyfriend is James Marsden!  They are equally goofy

- Kelsey Grammar enters Liz's office to tell her there's something wrong with Pete.  They find Pete on the ground, half naked, with a plastic bag on his head and looking pretty bad.  Flash back 3 days and Jenna needs Kenneth to get someone to change her fluorescent light bulbs.  What could go wrong?

- Tracy angered the gays while doing stand up so now they're protesting NBC.  They're "OVER IT!" and TGS is losing sponsors.  Tracy tried apologizing but called Glad instead of GLAAD.

- Jack tells Liz he knows about her new boyfriend and is determined to a) figure out what's wrong with him and b) get in her head about it.  Jack wants to meet Criss but Liz resists.  Too bad Jack is successfully in her head because when talking to Criss all she can imagine is Jack there picking on him.

- Maintenance won't fix Jenna's lightbulb until Tracy makes it right so Jenna encourages Kenneth to take care of it himself.  This means breaking into the supply closet and what could go wrong?  Well Kenneth breaks all the lightbulbs in the box releasing the mercury inside.  They're doubly stressed when they find Pete passed out in the supply closet not knowing he's taking a self-induced scotch/pain killers nap.

- Liz insults Tracy on TV by calling him an idiot so he organizes his own protest with members of his own group...idiots.  He rounds up the following: frat guys, DJs, loud mouth old bitches, investment bankers, the tramp-stamped, Parrotheads, anti-vaccination crusaders and people who won't shut up about SCUBA diving.  Oh and their spokesperson is Denise Richards.

- Jack invests in Criss's truck business and the best part is Jack's check, which has Ronald Regan riding an eagle on it.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation "Campaign Ad?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Paul Rudd as Bobby Newport, Leslie's opponent for City Council.  He's really dumb and really cute but we'll get to that.

- April and Andy go to Ann because Andy has a headache from sneezing and hitting his head on the wall.   Ann instructs them to go see actual doctors and use the insurance they have to pay for it.  Apparently they didn't know that insurance applied to things other than cars.

- Leslie is 70 points behind Bobby Newport and Ben's big idea is for her to run an attack ad during the televised high school basketball game against Eagleton.  Everyone is on board with this except for Leslie who doesn't want to run her campaign that way.

- Chris invites Ron to join him while he brutally slashes the Public Works budget and Ron is more than happy to oblige.  In fact Chris invites Ron to lunch too, which Ron is less happy to do.  Ron tells Chris he doesn't want to hang out but Chris tells him he was thinking of Ron for Ben's old job. Ron would be so good at that job.  He'd make the entire town of Pawnee miserable.

- Andy doesn't have a concussion but does have a rather long list of other maladies.  He and April spend the rest of the episode going to various doctor appointments.  Andy and April try to outrun their $500 copay for her dental surgery and Andy ends up running right into an ambulance. 

- In an attempt to appease Leslie, Ben suggests they split the group into two teams and each will make a commercial.  Leslie's has lots and lots of things that she's 'pro' but the commercial doesn't even mention that she's running for office.  Ben's is good but slams Bobby too much for Leslie to go with it.

- Leslie and Ben come up with a commercial starring a young Leslie who talks about how much she loves Pawnee and it cuts to a very clueless Bobby Newport who loves his dog.  Newport asks to meet with Leslie and Ben and begs them to pull the commercial because his friends are using it to make fun of him.  Then he asks Leslie to quit the race because he wanted it handed to him (much like everything else in life has been handed to him).  He's terribly spoiled and clueless but it's Paul Rudd so you can't help but smile.

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