Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being Human

"All Out of Blood" and so lost without you...

We open with Josh giving Nora and Sally a tour of the storage lockers he's rented for safe shifting.  He'd also like to record them to use for his research on fixing the wolfie problem they have.  Nora's a little creeped out by it but Josh is trying to stay positive.  Sally agrees to lock them in because she's got nothing else going on.  While there she does spot her creepy, black smoke lingering.  I wonder if it makes a clanking noise and turns into the form of a dearly departed loved one.  Wait, that's another show.

Aidan wakes up next to a (thankfully) live 'chick from the hospital/bar' and I realize she probably has a name that I managed to miss.  She got the residency job at the hospital so now they'll get to see each other every day at work and make swoony eyes when they pass in the halls.  I'm sure if they break up it won't be awkward at all.  They get amorous but in order for Aidan to not bite her he must get a quickie blood fix.

The roomies catch up at the hospital and Aidan spills about his new lady-friend.  A nurse with second sight spots Sally looking at the babies in the natal unit and tells her to get in line with the others. Uh, what others?  And why is there a line of ghosties watching babies?  The ghosts tell Sally that the nurse, Zoe, is able to assist in reincarnating ghosts into babies so they can live again.  It's best to stay on Zoe's good side so she can give you another shot at life.  In another part of the hospital Aidan is trying unsuccessfully to replenish his blood supply from the blood bank.  Turns out the higher ups have noticed missing blood from their stores and have limited access.  Oops!  That can't be good. 

At the house Aidan and his lady-friend (I should really look her up) are getting frisky again but he needs a blood hit so as not to nibble on her neck.  He runs into Josh who gives him a dorky thumbs up and heads off to his own room where Nora is waiting.  Her sense of smell is on high alert and after a quick lesson in small they too get frisky.

The next morning everyone is congregating in the kitchen and Sally informs them she is considering the reincarnation thing.  They laugh it off and the subject quickly changes when Aidan's lady-friend joins in.  Her name is Julia as in Josh's ex-fiance, Julia.  Whoa.  Understandably she rushes off and Josh chases after her to apologize and explain as best he can.  He ditched her lo those many years ago but for good reason (to protect her from his wolfie ways) but he can't really tell her why.  This isn't good enough for her.

At the hospital Sally watches Zoe host a reincarnation and then talks to her about the situation.  Sally explains she missed her door because she was helping her roommates.  Zoe is intrigued about these roommates who can see dead people too so she interviews them about Sally's candidacy for reincarnation.  Who knew it'd be so political?  Before the interview Aidan and Josh try to patch things up about Julia.  Josh feels protective of her still and is unsure Aidan could really control himself around her.  Apparently it's a moot point because Aidan doesn't want to pursue anything now that he knows she's Josh's ex.  Sally interrupts with a funny Dawson's Creek reference and says that Zoe is on her way.  After the interview Zoe rushes out and says she can't help Sally due to her (assumed) residual anger from being murdered and all.  Sally tells her she's trying to get away from the smoke monster (not that one, this other one).  Uh, that's not how you sell it, Sally.  Zoe and I are on the same page about the creepy smoke monster then haunting whatever baby she'd be in.  Not a great plan.  Later she protects the baby from the smoke monster and Zoe agrees to try and help her get rid of it.

Meanwhile Nora and Julia talk at the hospital.  It doesn't go terribly well.  Julia still thinks Josh is a selfish jerk and Nora tries to stick up for him without spilling the real reason he left her.  Nora realizes she doesn't want to be locked up and would rather be free in the woods.  Josh tries to use the 'you're a killer argument' but it doesn't work because she remembers what happened in the woods that night.  She's also pissed that Josh protected Julia from himself and his wolfie issues but didn't care enough about her to do the same.  Now's he condemned her to this sucky life.  She's got a point.  Meanwhile Julie still thinks she and Aidan have a future but he shoots her down.  As he walks away he's visibly upset but knows he's doing the right thing.  He goes to get a fix from a willing (and charging) donor.  Live blood makes him a totally different guy and that's not good.

Nora shows up at the storage place realizing she's a danger after she had followed Julia home, likely with the intention of scratching her too.  She should know what she's been missing with Josh, right?  She changed her mind and almost got hit by a car in the process.  Poor thing.  No wonder Josh wants to find a cure for her.  He does feel terribly guilty about it.

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