Tuesday, January 3, 2012

HIMYM and 2BG - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother "Tailgate?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Marshall recapping the New Year's Eve events for his father's headstone while also watching the Vikings game with him...sort of.  Both his brothers show up with the notion that they'd be able to spend some alone time at the grave too. By the end of the episode Marshall's hosting a graveyard tailgate ergo the title of the episode.

- Robin spends her New Year's trying to keep a very drunk Sandy Rivers in a coherent state on the air.  It doesn't work so she gets to do the countdown.  This ends up being pretty great for her career and we're assured that FutureTed will get to that later. Promises promises, FutureTed.

- Barney and Ted, pissed at McLaren's charging $50 to get in, decide to open their own bar in the apartment.  They call the bar Puzzles.  It's fine until it's not and they have to kick everyone out before midnight.

- Marshall wants to read the baby tales of enigmas of the mystical and Lily's not having it.  But she's got other stuff on her mind like how her dad didn't seem to care when she called with her baby news.  Thankfully her dad came through at the end of the episode restoring Lily's faith in humanity if not werewolves.

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls "And the Secret Ingredient?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- Caroline discovering the joy of couponing.  She's hesitant at first but quickly gets the hang of it and even has the store giving her money in return.  She gets so wrapped up in it that she ignores her horse and alienates Max.  Caroline realizes that the idea of free money made her forget what's important.  She's scared that she's inherited her dad's ponzi scheme DNA which Max cleverly coins as 'couponzi DNA'  Heh.

- Caroline also finds out that Max uses box mix for her cupcakes instead of baking from scratch.  She thinks Max should be full of shame because of this but Max thinks shame is overrated, much like Ke$ha is overrated.  Too true.

- There was also some stuff about Han raising the price of women's time of the month products which is only noteworthy because Max gets to refer to Han as, "the man who thinks your menses should be more expenses." (you have to pronounce expenses with menses for it to work)

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