Thursday, January 12, 2012

Modern Family and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Modern Family "Egg Drop?"  If you had you woulda seen:
- Lotsa eggs dropping from high places.

- Phil's  putting together a seminar for first time home buyers and has recruited Claire and Haley to help.  Luke has to design a container that protects an egg in a 1-story drop but Alex won't share her design from when she did it.  She thinks it has applications for "un-manned space flight." According to Haley, "Keep talking like that and you'll go through life un-manned."  Ha!

- Manny's working on the same school project and Jay gets interested when Manny mentions Luke's will be best because Claire is probably doing it for him.  Jay and Claire are super competitive and aren't supposed to help out so inevitably they both do. In fact Claire and Jay are so competitive they challenge each other to see who's is better.

- Meanwhile Cam and Mitchell are meeting with prospective birth moms.  The one they're meeting today is a bit wacky and even makes them sing.  She compliments Mitchell but tells Cam he was pitchy.  Oh no she didn't!  Cam sings to her one last time and the song is so emotional it brings her to tears.  Too bad it also brings her to the decision to keep her baby.  Ooops.

- Gloria agrees to help Phil since Claire is busy on Luke's project.  Gloria and Haley are there for prep but decide to spend the hour before his presentation at a local salon.  Too bad Gloria parked in a tow-away zone and now they can't get back to Phil whose presentation has started.  The seminar is packed and doesn't go well but Phil, as always, gets through it.  Haley knew Phil couldn't hold it against Gloria and she's right.  He even winds up putting her on a literal pedestal.  It's very cute.

- Showdown at the school and Claire and Jay's egg containers are equally matched (but are no match for Alex's design).  The boys confess that they knew Claire and Jay were so competitive that they'd take over and are punished by going home and having to do the project all on their own. 

Didja watch Happy Endings "Meat the Parrots?"  If you had you woulda seen:
 - The most racist parrot ever.  Seriously.  

- Dave's dad, Big Dave, is coming to town.  He's divorced from Dave's mom and is bringing his new girlfriend.  Dave is not thrilled.  The gang is because they get to chant about Dave's new mom.  Poor guy.  No sympathy from that crowd.

- Alex is lonely because no one ever comes to her shop.  Speaking of, how does she afford to stay open?  The rent has to be insane.  How does she buy new inventory?  She buys a parrot off of Craigslist to have someone to talk to and the bird is racist, ya'll!  And homophobic.  Let the insulting hilarity begin!

 - Dave's dad arrives and it's Michael McKean!  And his new girlfriend?  None other than Penny's mom...Megan Mullally!  She's changed Dave's dad a bit and that makes Dave unhappy.  In fact he's so unhappy he regresses to childhood and ends up on the floor of his childhood bedroom, in his childhood home, which is now owned by a new family.

- Alex is so bored at her shop that she thinks something fishy is going on at the Chinese restaurant across the street, Hop Sing's (what else would it be named?).  She gets Brad and Max to join in and soon they think it's a illegal sex ring.  They end up doing the worst recon ever (but end up ordering everything off the menu) only to find out that the white guy with the briefcase they were tailing is teaching an ESL class in the backroom.  Oops!  Alex offers for them to use her store on Sundays while she does inventory and now she'll feel less lonely.  Wow.

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