Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 the big show - I'm live blogging it too

7:59 and NBC is doing a countdown.  Weird.

8:01 and Ricky is already slamming the Globes, NBC, Eddie Murphy, etc. However, Jodie gave him a thumbs up for The Beaver joke. 

8:05 JGL spotting!

Ricky gets Johnny Depp to admit he hasn't seen The Tourist.  Heh.  And we're off!

Gerard Butler and Mila Kunis present Best Supporting Actor-film - I'm kinda pulling for Albert Brooks.  What is up with Viggo's tie?  Plummer will probably win.  And the Golden Globe goes to...Christopher Plummer.

Ashton Kutcher and Elle MacPherson present Best Actress Comedy TV - The Globe goes to Dern which is kind of surprising.  I like how Tina Fey got into Amy Poehler's shot.  Dern thanks just about everyone in Hollywood.

Rob Lowe and Julianne Moore introduce Miss Golden Globe and the teleprompter dies on them.  It's Andie MacDowell's daughter.  Then they do Best mini-series or TV movie.  PLEASE LET IT BE DOWNTON ABBEY!!!!  The Hour was good too but I think it'll be Mildred Pierce.  And the Globe goes to DOWNTON EFFING ABBEY!!!! This makes up for missing it tonight.  Elizabeth McGovern almost didn't make it up the stairs.

Rob and Julianne present Best Actress in mini-series or TV movie too.  Is it too much to ask that Elizabeth McGovern get this too?  I've never heard of Emily Watson's show.  The Globe goes to Kate Winslet.  I like her dress but get up on the stage already.

Jeremy Irons leads out the President of the HFP Assoc. and I totally missed her last name.  Even if I had heard it right I still don't think I would have been able to spell it.

Mmmmm...Jake Gyllenhaal.  Mom points out Jake's wearing a double-breasted suit and how much she likes Kenneth Branagh.  Join the club, mom.

Ricky tells the winners to keep it short and I wish they'd listen to him.

Melissa McCarthy comes out with Paula Patton to present Best Actor-TV Drama - The Globe goes to Kelsey Grammar.  That's surprising.  That was quite a category of actors to be up against.  I've been inexplicably watching lots of Frasier lately so I'm happy for him.  I'm sure his show is good but I've never seen it.

Now Melissa and Paula are presenting Best TV show Drama and it goes to Homeland.  Why don't I have Showtime anymore!?!?!  Oh, right, because premium cable is expensive.  I didn't know Morena Baccarin is in it.  I hope it gets on Netflix soon.

Laura Linney was on the upper section talking to Charlize in the lower section before the commercial.  I wonder if the upper section is jealous of the lower section.  Or is it TV in the upper and movies in the lower?  TV gets the shaft once again.

Hi Jimmy Fallon!  Riiiight, Levine is there because this is NBC and they're promoting their shows.  Levine is taller than I thought.  They present original score-movie and it goes to...(crossing my fingers for Trent Reznor) and the Globe goes to The Artist.  The winner gets up and says, "I'm sorry I'm French."  But really there should be a comma (semi-colon?) in there that makes it less funny.  Then they present for best original song-movie and it goes to...(Glen Close wrote the lyrics to the song for her movie) Madonna.  Good thing she showed up.

Out next is an international film star whose name I miss.  Again I wouldn't even know how to spell it.  Apparently she just wanted to spread a little peace.

Katherine MacPhee and Debra Messing (more of NBC's self-promoting) come out to present Best Actor-TV mini series and we can't decide between Hugh Bonneville and Idris Elba.  Elba gets it and I love his Hackney accent.

Pittarific and his cane present Ides of March for consideration.  Mom comments that he and Jolie look at each other (most) every day.

Kate Beckinsale and Seth Rogen (odd pairing) come out to present together and he makes an erection joke.  Nice.  Poor Kate.  They try to present Best Actress Movie Comedy/Musical - We think Michelle Williams is going to win and she does.  Was it a comedy, really?  Or a musical since she sang in it?  Branagh beams at her.  Awww.  Busy is crying and even gets thanked. 

As we go to commercial a very pale Evan Rachel Wood hugs a very tan (kinda orange) someone else. Scary.  The orange lady I mean. 

SMG and Piper Perabo present Best Supporting Actor-TV mini-series.  This is a category filled with great actors and I want Dinklage to win.  HE DOES!!!  His mom had her money on Guy Pearce.  Cute. 

I think Ricky's been drinking a bit.  Clooney comes out with his own cane and it's funny b/c Pittastic won't be able to make it to the bar without it.  Clooney is presenting Moneyball for consideration.  I am still shocked at how much I enjoyed a movie about the business of baseball but then I remember Aaron Sorkin wrote it.

Jessica Alba and Channing Tatum come out to present Best Animated film.  How did Cars 2 get nominated?  Yay!  Tintin won!  Good.

As we go to commercial I realize JGL is sitting at Ewan McGregor's table.  Wow.  That's the table I want to be at.

Speaking of...Ewan presents 50/50 for consideration.  This movie didn't get enough attention when it was out.

Clive Own and Nicole Kidman come out to present and they'd look good together.  At least he's height appropriate.  Her waist is tiny, y'all.  They present for best screenplay - and Woody wins.  YAY!  I loved that movie.

Real-life couple Felicty Huffman and William H. Macy adorably sing their presentation.  Love them!  Best supporting actress for tv mini-series - and the Globe goes to...Jessica Lange for American Horror Story.  Yikes.

Madonna is presenting Best Foreign Language films and for once I've heard of all of them.  The Globe goes to the Iranian movie, A Separation.

Dustin Hoffman is adorable and presents Best Actress Drama but I think he just made fun of Madeline Stowe's age.  Danes gets it and again I'm sad I didn't see Homeland.  I love (and forgot) that she got a Golden Globe for My So Called Life.

Emily Blunt looks ok.  I don't like her eye makeup and don't like the dress.  Uh, I guess she doesn't look ok.  She presents Bridesmaids for consideration.

Jane Lynch and Tina Fey present nominees for Best Actor in Comedy/Musical TV series.  Thomas Jane is wearing a hat and an ugly suit.  I wonder if he's even wearing shoes!  Matt LeBlanc wins and rightly so.  Episodes is HIGH-LARIOUS!  I got to see that before getting rid of Showtime.  Watch it.  It's totally worth it.

B. Coop comes out with darker hair and lotsa facial hair. He's presenting Best Supporting Actress in Comedy Movie and Octavia wins.  I'm so happy for her.  I love her dress too.  It's a lovely color and looks great on her.  Melissa McCarthy is teary for her. Awww!  Chastain cheers wildly for her and it's obvious she's not wearing a bra.  Heh.

Reese is adorable and presents The Descendants for consideration.  My poor dad was looking to watch Election tonight but couldn't find it.

Sidney Poitier comes out and gets a standing-o.  He's presenting Morgan Freeman with the lifetime achievement award.  What an honor to have Poitier give you an award.  Helen Mirren comes out and rambles a bit.  Morgan isn't terribly amused by her.  But his retrospective is a good one. As the audience claps for Freeman mom zones in on Colin Firth.  She's able to find him in any crowd.  Freeman compliments both presenters and there's a cool shot from behind of Poitier, Mirren and the crowd behind them. The camera person cuts to Ben Kingsley who has a young lady on his lap.  Feisty.

Robert Downey Jr. is out in a fancy tux w/ tails to present The Artist for consideration.  He was a perfect choice for this.  I'm going to see this at the end of the month.  Ukie, wanna go with me?

Pittarific beams as Angelina Jolie presents Best Director Movie.  She even gets Hazanavicius right.  Her arms are too thin.  Scorcese wins for Hugo and we're surprised.  Incredibly pleased but surprised.  I love that his 12-year old daughter got him to make the movie after she read the book.  READING IS GOOD!

Ricky is back out.  Is it me or has he been on stage less this year?  We miss part of what he says because it was probably dirty.  Antonio Banderas answers him in Spanish and it's pretty funny.  He and Salma Hayek present for Best TV Series Comedy/Musical - the Globe goes to Modern Family!  Yay!!!  They accept in 2 languages and it's pretty cute.

Michelle Pfeiffer comes out in a beautiful dress and looks incredibly good.  If she's had any work done it's subtle.  She's stunning.  Oh and she's there to present War Horse (which I saw yesterday and hated because it made me cry really hard) for consideration.

Jessica Biel's dress is perplexing.  Wahlberg looks good in a tux.  They present Best Actor Comedy and I'm totally torn.  Jean DuJardin wins and there's a nip slip with a woman he hugs and kisses! Oopsie!  Strapless is dangerous on live TV.

We see SWINTON! right before commercials and I shout my usual SWINTON! and mom gasps in horror.  I realize she always gasps in horror when she sees her.  Not when she's in a movie but when she appears somewhere in person.  I don't know why but that cracks me up.

Queen Latifah looks very nice and I love her dress.  She comes out to present The Help for consideration.

Colin Firth comes out and mom audibly sighs.  I love watching these things with her.  He mentions religious protestors outside and I'm guessing the awful Westboro folks are there.  Firth presents Best Actress Film-Drama and mom gasps again at SWINTON!  Meryl Streep wins and I can't figure out what she is wearing.  It looks like a western inspired dress.  Weird.  She gets a standing-o too but not for that dress.  She's missing her glasses but Clooney gets them and tries to pass them up to her.  I love that the camera tried to follow that.  If (when) I ever get to run the world I want Clooney there with me.  He'd be a good second in command.

Whoa.  Jane Fonda comes out in a slinky dress.  Says Mom, "We should all look like that at 70-something."  She presents Best Movie-Comedy and the Globe goes to The Artist!  Cool!  I hope DuJardin's wife's nip stays in this time. Awww!  The dog is there!  How adorable.  He really seems to love DuJardin.  How cute.

Natalie Portman comes out to present Best Actor Movie-Drama and she goes to the wrong podium at first.  Fassbender is there but no matter because Clooney gets this one.  But he does give Fassbender and his, uh, "gift" a shout out.  Clooney's off the stange in a matter of seconds and this is why I want him to be my second.

Harrison Ford comes out to present Best Movie-Drama and the Globe goes to The Descendants.  That's surprising.  I sooo didn't expect that at all. 

And Good Night!


  1. How much do I love du Jardin?! And how much do I wanna know what he said when they bleeped him?

  2. As to The Artist, yes!!! Thought you'd never ask!

  3. Chris wants me to let you know that Angie's arms upset him too.