Friday, January 27, 2012

Potent Notables

Wow, I haven't done one of these in a while.  Some of the links are old news but I still thought I'd share:

- I recently watched a marathon of Game of Thrones and, while I was impressed with the show, I was really impressed with the show’s titles.  I immediately went to Art of the Title to find out how they came up with them.  Then I remembered how much I like that site.

- Part of me wishes that Pawnee was a real town.   Not that I’d actually live there.  I mean, it’s Indiana. 

-  Speaking of Parks and Recreation...Ron and Andy want to help you survive the upcoming apocalypse.

- IFC lists the movie flops from 2011.  I disagree with their assessment of the problem with Conan.  It's totally what they made and not how.  

- I bet that a lot of the best monologues from movies get really misquoted too.

- Summer Roberts, aka Rachel Bilson, made a humorous video for Funny or Die.  I appreciate this because I'm still watching the show in question.  You are forewarned: it's a little language-y so I would recommend not watching this at work.

- Now these should be movie categories in an awards show.

- There is now proof (not that it was needed) that Maggie Smith is amazing and the writers of Downton are geniuses.  Someone has edited together the best of the Dowager Countess and it's pretty great

- If movie posters were honest, they'd look a little something like these do.

Have a fantastic weekend! 

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