Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oscar Menu Madness

My Oscar menu needs your help.  Every year my friends and I come up with dishes in honor of the movies, their stars and directors.  Sometime we actually make the dishes and sometimes it’s just a fun thing for us to think about.  

Dishes in the past have included hits like:

And misses:

So in honor of today’s nominations, here is what we have so far.  What can you come up with?

Best Picture
The Artist      The Fartist (beans! duh)
The Descendants                                                        
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close                           
The Help                                                                    
Midnight in Paris      Midnight in Pearis
The Tree of Life      The Spree of Life
War Horse      War Hors d’oeuvres

Best Director
Michel Hazanavicius, The Artist      Michel Hazanavichyssoise
Alexander Payne, The Descendants                          
Martin Scorsese, Hugo                                               
Woody Allen, Midnight in Paris                                
Terrence Malick, The Tree of Life      Pearence Malick

Best Actor
Demián Bichir, A Better Life                                      
George Clooney, The Descendants                            
Jean Dujardin, The Artist      Jean Dujardin salad (French speakers will get this)
Gary Oldman, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy                   
Brad Pitt, Moneyball      Brad Pita (Brad Pitted olives?)

Best Actress
Glenn Close, Albert Nobbs                                        
Viola Davis, The Help      Raviola Davis (my #1 fave)
Rooney Mara, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo      Pruney Mara
Meryl Streep, The Iron Lady                                      
Michelle Williams, My Week With Marilyn      Michelle Grilliams

Best Supporting Actor 
Kenneth Branagh, My Week With Marilyn                 
Jonah Hill, Moneyball                                                
Nick Nolte, Warrior      Nick Noltea
Christopher Plummer, Beginners      Christopher Plumtart
Max Von Sydow, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close      Chex Max von Sydow

Best Supporting Actress
Bérénice Bejo, The Artist      Berenice Bejuice
Jessica Chastain, The Help                                         
Melissa McCarthy, Bridesmaids       Melissa McCoffee
Janet McTeer, Albert Nobbs      Janet McTiramasu (my #2 fave)
Octavia Spencer, The Help                                         


  1. Hugo -- Hugo-knots (pretzels)?
    Moneyball --Honeyball (uuuum, baclava lumps, maybe)?
    Meryl Streep -- Meryl Sheep (a lamb or mutton dish)?

  2. Love 'em! I'm totally going to make the Honeyball dish (mmmm...baklava). Meryl Sheep!

  3. Kenneth "bran"agh muffins
    Rooney Marinara sauce
    Money Ballpark franks
    Gary Oldmanicotti

    Love Raviola Davis....!