Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Last Night's Being Human

"Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?"

We pick up where we left off last week...Josh shifting into wolf form and getting shot at by the Amish vampire (on orders from Mother).  Nora, now in full wolf form herself, jumps to his rescue and takes the Amish vamp down.  Sally has awakened from her dream and is levitating.  She's freaked and there's no one home to talk to.  Aidan carries Mother's daughter, Suren, into a room and then proceeds to bring her a buffet of victims on which to feed.  She needs her strength after being buried for so long.  She looks a lot better and we find out she and Aidan have some history.  Oooh.

Josh awakens and finds Nora's car torn to shreds.  In another part of town Nora awakens naked and bloody in a pile of raked leaves.  Fun. Josh walks to his house to find Nora on the front steps.  She finally shows him the scratches on her arm and he realizes he's turned her.  She looks awful but the good news is she can see Sally now.  Speaking of Sally, she's brought home Stevie (the high school suicide kid from last week) and a couple of other teen ghost guys to keep her company.  One of them is called Boner.  Really.  Before Josh can tend to Nora Sally is filling him in on her creepy door dream.  Aidan comes home and Sally blurts out Josh and Nora's news.  He processes and then inquires about the friendly ghosts in the kitchen who are currently punching each other in the balls.  Boys.  Sally tends to the teen ghosts while Josh tells Aidan about the dead, Amish vamp.  Josh is glad Nora won't be able to remember killing someone on her first night but Aidan is thinking about the mess he'll have to face.

Nora comes back downstairs all cleaned up but leaves immediately.  I guess she has a lot on her mind being a new werewolf and all.  Sally is stuck with the teen ghost trio and needs a suggestion as to how to keep them entertained.  Aidan suggests Scarface.  That works and Aidan is off to catch up with Suren (where do they get names like this?).  He wants to get down to business, like rounding up some vamp cops to do clean up, but she's asking lots of questions that get him off track.  We even see a flashback of the two of them in the hotel back in its swinging vamp days.  Well some were vamps and others were massacred. 

Nora and Josh are at the hospital and she's having a bit of an identity crisis.  She wondering how much of the dog is in her.  Can she even have chocolate or will a mocha kill her?  Josh gets her to calm down a bit and asks what she remembers from last night.  She says nothing and he says it's a blessing.  I'd have to agree with him.  Oh and there's some med school new student mixer thing that he thinks will help them both feel a little more normal.

Aidan is at the hospital and meets a new girl that I have a feeling will come back around again.  She's there to interview and they have a little chemistry.  Too bad Aidan is at Suren's beck and call and has to rush off.  Suren's brought home a lovely cop...who isn't already a vampire.  Suren wants Aidan to turn her but he hasn't done that in a very long time and doesn't think he'll be able to control himself.  Plus wouldn't it just be easier to round up some cops who are already vamps?  Aidan's already having trouble keeping her in line and I'm sure it'll just get worse.  She uses the missing Amish vamp (he does have a name but it's weird and I'm bound to misspell it).

Sally and the teen ghosts are at a club and they show her how to jump into ("take") someone.  Stevie's not into it and warns Sally it can become addicting.  He does tell her that drunk people are easier to take because their resistance is lower.  Sally gives it a couple of unsuccessful tries but then lands in a girl and has way too much fun with it.

Back at the creepy hotel, Aidan is making out with cop lady and the fangs come out.  He's able to stop himself and doesn't bite her.  Suren is disappointed with him and turns the cop anyway.  Aidan tells Suren that he hasn't done that to anyone since the night things went very wrong at the hotel.  She appreciates this and even covers for him when someone comes looking for the Amish vamp.

Sally is getting a kick out of drinking and eating and one of the teen vamps, who has taken a random club guy, gets the wrong idea.  He's all over her in a matter of seconds but Stevie comes to her rescue.  They reach into each other and this glowy stuff happens until teen vamp is no longer.  Apparently ghosts can do this to each other.

We end with Josh saying he'd rather find a cure than go to med school.  Nora doesn't want to be the reason he doesn't go to med school but then she also doesn't want them to be together just because they're both monsters.  She's on the couch chatting with Sally and flashes back to killing the Amish vamp.  Uh oh.  Apparently girl wolves remember everything...birthdays, anniversaries, and their first kill.  Aidan runs into the chick from the hospital at a bar.  They're totally into each other and she invites him to go home with her.  Aidan's got a girlfriend.  Hope he doesn't kill this one!

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