Thursday, January 19, 2012

Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Suburgatory "The Casino Trip?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- George and the boys in Atlantic City!  With strippers!

- Everyone is at a charity event (spinal alignment for those in need) and the kids all seem to want to hang out willingly with their parents.  Weird.   There's a raffle for a trip to Atlantic City and George is the big winner.  He invites Noah along (the still poorly used Alan Tudyk) and then a few of the other hubbies invite themselves along too. 

- So this means Tessa will be home alone and she has big make-out type plans for her and Scott.  Lisa lends Tessa her "Love Box" which is way less dirty than it sounds. In the box are things like condoms and oils.  Tessa is pretty sure she won't need any of that but Lisa thinks that since Scott is older and has been to Africa he'll be expecting more.  George is worried about Tessa so he calls Dallas to see if she'll drop in on her.  She does and reports back to George that Tessa and her very cute boyfriend were both fully clothed when she stopped by.  Ooops!  George didn't know about Scott!

- In A.C. Fred (played by Chris Parnell) can barely contain himself because his gambling addiction is getting the better of him.  George keeps him company and out of trouble but is soon distracted by seeing Dallas's husband, Steven there with a scantily clad lady friend.  Steven is supposed to be in Singapore and wants George to not mention to Dallas he saw him there...with the lady friend.  Meanwhile Fred's gone missing but when he turns up he's gone completely loco.  Turns out he's won $14k and has no way of explaining it to his wife because she thinks he's visiting a dying aunt.  He tries to hang himself from the shower curtain rod and fails but Steven (played by Jay Mohr) is able to talk him down and, unintentionally, convince the strippers to call their parents.  Heh. 

- Tessa is having no luck with Scott so she finally confronts him about it.  Apparently he "saw things" (a baby being birthed) when he was in Africa and that keeps him from wanting to make out. Oookay! George returns home and is happy to see that Tessa is alone and missed him.  He's less happy when he spots the Love Box in her room.  Oops!

Didja watch (the inexplicably controversial) Modern Family "Little Bo Bleep?"  If you had you woulda seen:

 - Little Lily dropping F-bombs all over the place.  If I had to wear that dress I'd be dropping 'em too.

- Claire, who is running for city office, is the subject of a very unflattering poll.  Phil and the kids offer to throw a mock debate so they can give her pointers.  The kids have way too much fun telling Claire all the things she's doing wrong: eye rolling, finger pointing, showing the bad side of her face, etc.

- Over at Cam and Mitchell's, Lily's flower girl dress has arrived and it's atrocious.  Plus it lights up!  It looks like something from My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (love that show).  They show her how to scatter the flower petals as she walks down the aisle.  Lily drops the basket and an F-bomb.  This sends Cam into a fit of hysterics.  They try to get her to stop saying it but she likes making Cam laugh so it continues.

- Jay's stressed out because his dog, Stella, keeps jumping into the pool.  Jay thinks Stella must be suicidal and Gloria thinks he's nuts.  But to prove her love she even jumps in to save Stella who has gone in again.

- At Claire's debate against Duane Bailey (played by David Cross), she does fine at first but then regresses back to finger pointing and eye rolling.  Then things go really bad.  Bailey brings up Phil's naked hotel time from last year and Phil joins in on the conversation which only makes things worse.  They do exactly what the kids warned them not to and they go viral.  Phil even gets auto-tuned!

- At the wedding, it turns out everyone's dresses light up!  Wow.  The horror.  Lily makes it down the aisle without incident or carpeting the place with more f-bombs.  She sees Cam crying (he always cries at weddings) so she does what she knows will make him laugh.  She drops another f-bomb and the whole place cracks up.  She's wearing blue and apparently works blue too.  That girl will end up a stand-up comedian. 

- Jay's bought Stella a little doggy life jacket so she can swim safely but she heads straight to the filter so he's convinced she's still suicidal.  Manny cleverly finds one of her squeaky toys in the filter and realizes that's what she's been after the whole time. Awww.

Didja watch Happy Endings "Makin' Changes?"  If you had you woulda seen:

- DICK! from Veronica Mars!  Yay!

- Penny returns from cross country skiing with her latest boyfriend and Other Blond tells her to break the pattern of trying to become like the guys she dates. Instead she should find a guy and change him.  They pick Jeff who has a soul patch, wears shower shoes and hockey jerseys and says "Dude" a lot.  Penny goes out with him but he's got a ton of dealbreakers: his apartment is filled with neon beer signs, street signs a futon and read Joyce Carol Oates.  Heh.  Other Blond still thinks Penny can make it work.

- Dave finds Alex and Max camped out on the couch watching a marathon of addiction shows.  Max decides Dave has an addiction to v-neck tees so they're going to intervene.  First they try taking away his v's but he just buys more and tries to hide them.  So they decide to do a real intervention and Dave tells them some story about kids in school grabbing the neck of his tees and choking him but with v's he didn't choke. Uh huh. 

- Meanwhile Brad finds out Other Blond did some work on him so he'd change because he was really into Jackass even though there were no brothers on the show.  He decides to prove some point by going back to old Brad and this means he shoots some video of him doing "Blackass".  There's a bit where he falls onto a floor full of mousetraps.  By the end they realize they've changed each other, yada, yada.

- At the end Penny's done such a good job with Jeff that when he runs into his ex they immediately get engaged.  Dave is in a turtleneck and no longer addicted to v's.  They even end the episode with an Intervention-style paragraph about Dave relapsing.  Nice.

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