Thursday, January 26, 2012

"Expecting" (Angel 1.12): Um, ew.

So yet again we have an episode that reminds us precisely how much of a disappointment season 4 is going to be. It also, I think, fits pretty neatly into the "sex is bad and dangerous" undertone that sometimes crops up in the Buffyverse.

They should include this episode in fundamentalist "sex ed' curricula.

So begins the Angel guide to figuring out who (not) to have a one-night stand with.

DON'T go home with a guy who wears this to a trendy club.

Jenn has invoked the "pleated pants as sign of evil" rule.

Or looks like this.

This guy screams my sperm has been cursed by a demon.

Really, Cordelia's entire unholy demon pregnancy could have been avoided by following the simple "no pleated pants or porn 'stache" rule. But alas, she did fall for Ken Marino's "photographer," invited him in for tea (??!!!) and woke up in her third trimester.

DO be suspicious of extremely rapid gestation. Looking at you too, Twilight.

The expressions everyone hopes to see at their first sonogram.

Cordelia's seven demonettes begin to infiltrate her mind, and she bashes Wesley over the head to join her fellow incubators in some disgusting demon spawning tub.

Ricki Lake would be horrified.

DO be glad that Angel and Wesley are protective and badass.

The 'stache alone made him vamp out.

Admittedly, badassery is relative.

It's always nice to have someone who will check up on you when you don't show up to work, and slay a hideous demon who has impregnated you using a lounge lizard sperm-surrogate. Ah, friends.

Lounge lizard isn't even a metaphor in this case.

So, as my intrepid co-watcher Jenn notes, this is not the last time Cordy will be impregnated by a demon. We were also wondering if this was, in fact, Cordelia's first time? She and Xander never got groiny. If so, let's all take a moment to feel really, really bad for her. It takes that whole "you can get pregnant the first time" warning and turns it up to 11.

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