Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Switched at Birth - The Morning After

Somehow in my way too long 'catching up with' post I forgot to mention that Marlee Matlin recurs on the show as Emmett's mom, Melody (who is also Regina's best friend).  This brings us to last night's episode.

Bay and Emmett are going around Kansas City taking pictures of each other planking.  I guess they haven't heard about owling and that it's way more fun.  Whatevs.  Back at Emmett's house Melody enters his room just and he and Bay are getting all kissy.  She's pissed that Emmett is dropping AP Bio in order to take speech therapy.  He's never been interested in speaking before so she's convinced that Bay is a bad influence and has put him up to it.  Meanwhile Regina is concerned that Daphne has no friends now since Emmett is spending all his time with Bay.

Kathryn is off to talk to a reporter we met last season who did a piece on the who hospital switcheroo.  Turns out the reporter chick wants to write a book about them.  She already knows an awful lot about them and even equates their situation to a true life horror story with a happy ending.  Harsh.  This freaks Kathryn out and their lawyer confirms that anyone can write about them if they want. Creepy.

Daphne is at Bay's school, Buckner, for her cooking class with Simone from last week and they run into Bay in the hallway.  Bay flinches at their chumminess but let's it go.  Turns out Daphne and Simone both play basketball too.  Simone asks Daphne to come back that afternoon for a pickup game.  That's nice, Daphne should have some female friends.  Simone invites her to hang out with the team at a college bar on Friday but she'll need id.  Daphne doesn't even flinch and says that'll be great.  Huh.  Basketball goes well and the Buckner coach starts courting (get it? basketball...court...nevermind) Daphne to be on their team. I'd think she'd need to be enrolled there in more than one cooking class and not at all enrolled at her deaf school but then I don't know the first thing about Kansas City school districts.  She breaks this news to John, who serves as a volunteer coach at her current school, but he wants her to stay put.

Toby and Wilke are up to no good, as usual.  They want to shoot a video and for some reason Wilke is set on buying (renting?) a capybara of all things to be in it.  They need $200 quick and try working at Toby's dad's car wash.  This is basically so Wilke can show off his guns.  They don't make money fast enough so when Daphne asks Wilke if he knows someone who makes id's he's more than willing to help her out.  Dude has learned nothing from past troubles.  He doesn't know anything about making fake id's so what does he do?  He Googles it of course.  Toby joins in and it's only a matter of time before they end up in jail.  Bay helpfully points out that they haven't learned from past mistakes but they ignore her.

So Bay at first wants Emmett's mom to like her and Emmett says it doesn't matter.  Later Emmett decides to get them together and Bay doesn't want to do it.  Women.  She decides that bringing Regina would make it more comfortable and Regina agrees. to go.  Bay is not welcomed warmly by Melody but Bay keeps trying and showing that she's learning to sign.  Melody ends up making fun of a very earnest (for once) Bay. 

Poor Daphne went from sunny and happy to hating her basketball team, missing Emmett, being pissed Angelo is hanging around to get to know Bay, and having to share her mother with Bay.  No wonder she's gravitating to Simone and the Buckner girls.  Bay tries to warn her about Simone but stops so that Daphne can learn all on her own.  They're at the bar, making out with random guys, having fun and Daphne turns out to be a bit of a wild girl.  However Simone is a slag who doesn't pay her bar tab.  Ew.  Daphne also decides to join Buckner's team and breaks the news to her John.  He's not thrilled.

The episode ends with Emmett in his garage at night and no sound whatsoever.  The police pull up and are saying things to him but Emmett can't hear them and neither can we.  It was very upsetting and I have no idea why they're after poor Emmett.  Guess I'll find out next week!

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