Wednesday, October 12, 2011

An annotated guide to Top Gear 2.2

Highlights in British history and culture gleaned from watching Top Gear 2.2!

Reference: Jeremy Clarkson, test driving a Rolls Royce, decided to go to "the home of that other automotive colossus, John Prescott."
Heh: Prescott is a former deputy prime minister from Hull, where JC drove the car over one of the longest suspension bridges on the planet. The colossus bit? Prescott is fat. And yes, the second episode in a row to open with a fat joke.

I feel a bit guilty for selecting this photo.

Reference: James May, talking about the iconic hood ornament on the Rolls, "I look at that beautiful half-naked woman on the top of that car, and you know what pops into my head? Jimmy Savile."
Heh: Jimmy Savile is an English DJ and media personality who is known for his, shall we say, flamboyant personal style.

Keep it classy, U.K.

Reference: "Maggie Thatcher, when she drove around shouting at trade unionists, had a Rover P5."
Heh: Former conservative prime minister Thatcher got her nickname the "Iron Lady" based in part on her hard line against trade unions.

Reference: JC, teasing guest Jamie Oliver about how hard it is to get reservations at his restaurant, claimed "We asked to have a table for Nigel Mansell, and got one for Friday!"
Heh: Mansell is a British Formula One racer who won the world championship in the early '90s. The Top Gear crew also got a table for Gilles Villeneuve, who died in 1982.

Another fabulous episode. I'm developing crushes on all three co-hosts.

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