Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Charmed Recap--Season 1, done and done

I've finished season 1 of the Charmed Late to the Party Recap, and am quite pleased with the two concluding episodes!

Episodes Watched
"Love Hurts"
"Deja Vu All Over Again"

Into It 
  • Leo's back, bitches! We get some more info about whitelighters--e.g., used to be human and can be killed. Leo was a medic in WW2! There's lots of sweetness with Piper freaking out about Leo's injury, and doing some power-switching to try and save him. She does, but not before . . . 
  • A sweaty, shirtless, deathbed scene! As my post on the Buffy season 2 finale attests, I am a fan of the genre. And "Love Hurts" takes "Graduation Day" and raises it an actual death. Leo is gone for a good long while before Piper figures out how to activate the power she's borrowing to heal him. And I feel this point would be best accompanied by dueling shirtless deathbed scenes:
  • Pro: power of love brings him back to life; con: "love" doesn't involve sexy time bloodsucking
  • Pro: more chest exposure; con: declared love to wrong girl in feverish haze
  • Darklighters. What can I say? I like the bad boys. And I especially like the bad boys who tie themselves in knots when they fall in love with good girls. And that's just what we get with Alec in "Love Hurts." I would totally watch a show about him and his doomed and obsessive love for Daisy.
    Though this was a pretty cheesy move. Use your arm to block her and NEVER point your toe.
  • A cameo by David Carradine! The finale features (Kill) Bill himself as a timelord named Tempus. He devours the scenery. I hope he's not really dead. 
    And that's quite the fashion forward cape.
  • And finally, DING DONG ANDY TRUDEAU IS DEAD. Now on to better boys for Prue! Might I suggest a Darklighter? 
Waiting for It
Season 2! Let's hope the Charmed Ones are gifted with longer shirts and less clunky shoes.  

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