Tuesday, October 11, 2011

HIMYM and 2 Broke Girls - Didja watch?

Didja watch How I Met Your Mother?  If you had you would have seen:

- Barney still wearing the ducky tie (2 weeks was funny. 3 weeks is lame)

 - Marshall’s co-workers celebrating Ewok style (yub nub music and all).  Also, Marshall is wrong about skipping season two of FNL.  There were some weak episodes and storylines but it should not be skipped.

- Speaking of Ewok’s…The Ewok Line was pretty funny.  Television Blend has more of a description of it with video.  Don’t hold this against me but I liked the Ewoks.  According to Barney that’s ok because I was born after 1973 and had teddy bears. But Barney is wrong (c'mon HIMYM writers!).  There are PLENTY of people born after 1973 who hate the Ewoks.  Not as many as the Jar Jar Binks haters because there's no age limit for hatin on Jar Jar.

- Admittedly I don’t pay very close attention to shows that I don’t really like anymore but somehow I missed Robin deciding to date her therapist. Turns out my DVR didn't start recording right away  so I missed the whole first five minutes of the show.  So you can imagine my shock when Ted's stupid field trip happened in on them.

Didja watch 2 Broke Girls? If you had you would have seen:

 - Max and Caroline wearing everything they could grab from Caroline’s massive closet.

- My favorite exchange:
Max: You can’t give hipsters a microphone.  That’s like throwing gasoline on a pretentious fire.
Han: Hipsters like karaoke
Max: Replace the word ‘like’ with the word ‘Hitler’ and you’ve got the three worst things in history.

- Um, no Zano?!?! You gave him to us last week and then don’t bring him back again? WTH is that about?  He better be on and shirtless for at least 3 seconds next week.

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