Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Morning After - Terra Nova

Hmmmm...Aside from the Ab-asaurus pictured above, this show is still lacking.  (Also the makeup team should go easier on the ab-defining makeup, it was a little too obvious.)  I can't quite put my finger on it but Terra Nova is just not wowing me like it should.  Last night's episode, Instinct, was fine but I find myself liking very small things about the show instead of the bigger stuff.  I like that Mr. and Dr. Shannon have a relatively realistic relationship and that he didn't do anything stupid with his jealousy of the scientist guy.  I like that uber-military guy, Taylor isn't all business all the time.  He even had a couple of little jokey bits last night.  However I didn't like that two actiony sequences that could have been shown were not (catching the male & female of the unknown species and the pied piper-esque departure of said species).  We're slowly (too slowly) getting to know some of the people at Terra Nova but not enough.  Can't we get to know one of Dr. Shannon's nurses?  Aren't there more little kids around?  Speaking of kids, can we develop the Shannon's older kids beyond their respective crushes?  The kids go to school, the parents work, but is there fun stuff for them to do beyond guided safety treks through the jungle?  They have all that cool tech so does that mean the kids have game systems?  Give us more than them wandering around the open market!   

Instead of developing the characters, last night focused on flying, horny dinos.  These pterosaurs things were mean and noisy and honestly, one step above a Sci-Fi, er, SyFy, tv movie.  The effects are seriously lacking on an effects-heavy show.  That does not bode well.  C'mon, Terra Nova!  You can do better.  I know you can. 

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