Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ringer...thus far

Sadly SMG's new show really isn't worthy of blogging about in our "Morning After" style or a quickie "Didja watch?" either.  In fact it airs on some unknown-to-me night during the week (thankfully my DVR remembers) and if I watch it by the end of the following weekend it's an accomplishment.  If you are watching this in a more timely fashion than I am, the Fug Girls (who I adore) do a fun sartorial look at each episode.

We're on a quickie break with Ringer until November 1, which is actually not that far away and by my use of deductive reasoning also means it's probably on Tuesday nights!  Anywhoodle, while SMG takes a break to undoubtedly go shopping with the show's stylist I will discuss some random thoughts.  You'll have to forgive me because my memory for this show is spotty.  Tracy, bless her, emailed to tell me that our beloved Logan showed up on Tuesday (?) night's episode.  So in honor of him I'll share some of my thoughts thus far.

Ringer is still not living up to its potential but does have some moments of so-so-ness.  Plus those moments aren't always about clothes either! Here's where we are thus far:

Bridget ( aka "Poor Twin") is on the lam from the law (represented by Lost's Nestor Carbonnell, aka "Agent Eyelashes") after she witnessed some bad dudes killing a stripper.  Poor Twin and Siobhan (aka "Rich Twin") reconnect and after the fakest looking boat ride ever, Rich Twin lets Poor Twin think she's drowned. However we know that Rich Twin is actually off in Paris orchestrating nefarious things back in NYC while Poor Twin has assumed Rich Twin's life.  This is an acceptable storyline because no one in Rich Twin's NYC life knew she had a poor twin or a twin at all.  Agent Eyelashes acts all suspicious of everyone and spends his time asking lots of the same questions but never getting any closer to figuring out what the heck is going on. I'd suggest that he tune into the show but that wouldn't give him any answers either.

We see this exact look on her face at least 12 times an episode.
Poor Twin is an addict. Her hot sponsor (aka "Hot Sponsor") back in Middle-of-Nowhere, Wyoming is being tortured by the aforementioned bad dudes.  They want to find out where Poor Twin has run off to and figures Hot Sponsor should know.  Hot Sponsor is tortured for at least three episodes.  If we're to believe Middle-of-Nowhere, WY is on the same timeline as NYC, dude has been tortured for a really long time.  Poor Twin has been good and has attended addict's anonymous-type meetings where she meets a new hot sponsor ("Other Hot Sponsor").  Other Hot Sponsor seems helpful but I'm getting the feeling we're not supposed to trust him.  Like at all.

Rich Twin's personal life in NYC, before she fake offed herself, consisted of a business man hubby (aka "Mr. Rich Twin"), his troubled teenaged daughter from another marriage (aka "Trouble"), a BFF (aka "BFF") and BFF's hubby (aka "Mr. BFF") with whom Rich Twin was having an affair.  Rich Twin is pregnant with Mr. BFF's baby, however Mr. Rich Twin thinks it's his. Really? Poor Twin will have to start thinking about how she's going to fake the pregnancy and/or subsequent miscarriage.   Plus at one point someone was after Rich Twin and in fact Poor Twin was almost killed because the hitman hasn't been watching the show.  Trouble was hanging around, getting drunk or high or whatever it is kids do these days, and being all kicked out of prep school.  So she's now enrolled in a public school BECAUSE THERE ARE NO DRUGS OR BAD INFLUENCES THERE!  Luckily for Trouble there's a hot teacher (aka "Logan!") who has taken an interest in her.  We're supposed to think he's 'just trying to give her a chance' but methinks there's gonna be a saucy 'hot-for-teacher who's hot-for-Trouble' storyline coming up.  No worries tho, Logan! bedded older women on Veronica Mars so he's got tons of experience with this kind of thing.
From l to r: Mr. Rich Twin, Poor Twin, Mr. BFF and BFF
Back to BFF and Mr. BFF.  Mr. BFF and Poor Twin, still masquerading as Rich Twin, talk about the affair they were having and that the baby is his.  Poor Twin reminds him that it's over and she never wants to do the nasty with him again.  What they don't know is that BFF overhears the whole thing. DOH!  BFF and Poor Twin have a showdown and Poor Twin tells BFF that's she's actually not Rich Twin and she'd like the opportunity to be the friend to BFF that Rich Twin never was.  This isn't good enough for BFF who has been suspecting Mr. BFF of having an affair but never thought it was with Rich Twin.  So in order for BFF to keep all her money in the divorce she's going to seek, she decides it'd be best to catch Poor Twin (as Rich Twin) with Mr. BFF.  For some stupid reason Poor Twin tells this to Mr. BFF who gets pissed that his rich wife is going to leave him with nothing.  We later see Mr. BFF cleaning blood off the walls of the home of The BFFs and BFF is nowhere to be seen.  He accuses Poor Twin of doing the murderous deed and (almost believably) explains that he cleaned up the blood to protect Poor Twin.  Huh?  So he tells Poor Twin where he dumped all the bloody clean-up accoutrement.  A gloved Poor Twin goes to the dumpster, ensures that it's all on the top of the dumpster and anonymously calls the cops to tip them off.  Agent Eyelashes gets called when the NYPD finds Poor Twin's fingerprint (say what?!?) on the murder weapon,  a lovely vase (or vaaahhhzzz when you're rich or pretending to be).  We flash back to see Poor Twin remove a glove and intentionally leave her print on the vaaaahhhzzz.  I repeat...Say What?

Wow, my head is spinning and not in a fun way.  I really hope that Poor Twin knows what she's doing.  Is this all to protect her life masquerading as Rich Twin? I also hope that the writers start picking up the pace.  Hilariously the next episode is titled, "Oh Gawd, There's Two of Them?"  That has some potential.  This show could be better but as I said there are some moments of soapy, drama-filled, goodness.  And now that Logan! is around I'll be sticking it out.  Speaking of...
Trouble finds Logan!

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