Friday, October 7, 2011

Potent Notables

- Obviously the biggest thing this week was the passing of Steve Jobs.  The WSJ had a good article on his impacts.

- Adding to Tracy's review of American Horror Story is this one from the good folks at io9.  I was glad to know they were in the same state of wtf-ery as we were.

- I'm anti all Hunger Games stuff but it's hard to ignore when they release little tidbits like these district posters.


- I wouldn't make the effort to actively go see a biopic on Lady Gaga in a theater but if it were on my TV and I flipped past it and I had nothing else going on I might watch.  So that was a good choice, Lifetime.

- This is good news indeed.  I love his UK shows so it could only mean good things for this side of the pond.

- I totally agree with all of these.  Which TV universe would you want to live in?

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  1. The Whedonverse got hit hard in the TV Universe article! I must say, I'd be just fine living in any universe in which Captain Malcolm Reynolds can be found.