Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Didja watch - ANYTHING?

I didn't.  Stupid baseball (a game between two teams I don't care about and care less about the team that actually won) kept me from Glee, New Girl, and Raising Hope.  Boo.  I could have and should have watched Ringer I guess but as the show isn't a can't miss situation for me I will watch that this weekend and speed through most of it.

I did watch Monday night's Terra Nova.  I'm still thoroughly unimpressed with it.  They had these dinosaurs (Ovisaurs) that seemed harmless aside from their chewing on cables.  They kind of barked which even made them a little cute.  This got me wondering if anyone has a pet dinosaur like Dino on The Flintstones.  Then I thought, how awesome would Terra Nova be if they made some vague references to shows like The Flintstones?  I don't mean in a jokey jokey kind of way but would it kill them to have a neighbor named Barney?

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  1. That could explain how The Flintstones knew about and celebrated Christmas...even though they lived in like 2 million BC.