Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charmed Recap--With appearances by Rack and Tom Riddle

I was very happy to see Buffy's Rack/Kralik (aka Jeff Kober) playing the "Ghost of Alcatraz" in "The Power of Two"! And am I wrong, or are the kidnapping Grimlocks from "Out Of Sight" dead ringers for Lord Voldemort?
"This is the Boy Who Lived, right?"

Episodes Watched
"That 70s Episode"
"When Bad Warlocks Turn Good"
"Out of Sight"
"The Power of Two"

Into It
I loved everything about "That 70s Episode"--Finola Hughes guesting as the Charmed Ones' mom, Patty; the way the episode tried to establish a "70s" feel with disco, "The Mod Squad" and the gas shortage (??!!); Grams trying to get stock tips from the girls. But my favorite part was how Prue, Piper, and even Phoebe in utero had their powers as children, and then at some point lost them. Feminist metaphor alert! There have been many studies documenting how hard pre-and post-adolescence is for girls, and how various social systems seem to conspire to crush their independence, self-confidence, and fire--you know, their power. Very lucky girls never lose their spark, but young adulthood is a time where many young women begin to regain the self-assurance they had as young kids. Yay to Charmed for using the supernatural to illustrate this process.

Over It
Prue and Andy Tru-dumbass broke up YET AGAIN, because he YET AGAIN can't handle her being a witch. In "The Power of Two" (nice Indigo Girls reference), he spouts some boo-shit about how he wants a picket fence (yes, he literally said that), and Prue protecting the innocent through witchery somehow made that impossible. Tool. I'm so over their off-again, off-again relationship.

Waiting for It
I really hope Andy dies in the season finale. 

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