Monday, October 24, 2011

The Walking Dead - The Morning After

Have I mentioned how excited I am that The Walking Dead is back?!?!?  Last week's beefed up 90 minute episode spoiled me!  Sadly we only got one zombie kill too but there was still lots of action.

Welcome to Hershel's farm. Life is still gonna suck.
First off, I have to say....HOW MUCH DO YOU LOVE DARYL?!?!?!  Dude had some great lines and is really stepping up as a leader.  If Rick ever really loses his sh!t Daryl would be the next likely to step up.  When Dale bemoans the lack of antibiotics and pain killers, Daryl hands over his (still missing) brother's stash and gets the line of the week, "Marv got the clap on occasion."

So the episode itself...

We left off last week with poor little Carl getting shot. We immediately see who was responsible and are thusly introduced to Otis, played by the wonderful Pruitt Taylor Vince.  Poor Otis had been following the buck and didn't see Carl standing behind him.  Rick has Carl in his arms and Otis points him towards Hershel's farm where he can be patched up.  They get to the farm, little explanation is given and Carl is on a bed being looked at by Hershel.  There is good news and bad news.  The deer slowed the bullet down but because of that it didn't go all the way through and Hershel's going to have to dig out the fragments.  At one point we see Carl thrashing, screaming and crying all at once and my heart breaks for him and his dad.  BTW, the kid who plays Carl did an outstanding job. Hershel informs them the thrashing, screaming and crying was all for the shallowest and easiest to get fragment.  "One down, five to go." UGH!  Poor kid. Carl's BP is dropping, he's bound to have tons of complications, etc. so off Shane and Otis go to the local high school where FEMA had been set up.  Oh!  Meanwhile, one of the Hershel crew, a woman who's name I don't remember (Maggie!), rode off to get Lori because she'd want to be there for her son.  She finds Lori and the group who were wandering back to the RV, shouts things at them which would confirm that she knows Rick and Carl, grabs Lori and rides off again leaving most of the group scratching their heads.  How Daryl didn't immediately fall in love with that chick is beyond me.  Though maybe they're too much alike.  Anywhoodle, Shane and Otis distract the walker hoarde at the school, half of whom are wearing FEMA jackets or army gear, with flares and I realize that I'm not too dissimilar from zombies.  Flares would totally distract me too.  They sneak into the trailer, get the supplies they need but they took too long and the flares are no longer interesting to the walkers.  They run for it and have lots of close calls.  They end up locked precariously behind a gate with walkers inches away.  They are in serious trouble.

I really loved seeing the women step up this week.  Both Lori and Maggie were forces to reckon with and I can't wait to see more from them.  I was giddy when I saw the infamous barn off in the distance behind Hershel's house.  The only reason I know this barn is infamous is because I made the (possible) mistake of reading book 1 of the series this weekend.  If you haven't read the books, ok graphic novels, but are curious as to similarities and difference, shoot me an email and I'll fill you in.

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