Thursday, October 13, 2011

American Horror Story recap for those too wigged to watch

This is basically my expression while watching the episode.
Spoilers follow!

So it looks like the flashbacks to the Harmon house's blood-soaked past is going to be a regular thing. Last night, we started out in 1968 and added two more dead bodies to the tally. Some dude uses a fake-but-gruesome head injury to get into the house where two women were living at the time. Not a good move, two women. He proceeds to drown one of them in the bathtub . . . and she got off easy. Because the killer hates nurses (why not?), he made the other dress up in a nurse outfit, hogtied her, and stabbed her in the back. Nice. And also (minus the nurse thing) reminiscent of Fincher's version of the Zodiac killer, as the screams and violins whilst the ersatz nurse was being stabbed were nods to Psycho. The horror references fly thick and fast, if you can bear to watch the screen long enough to catch them.

Now we're back in the here and now, and Tate has been banished by Ben for watching Violet as she sleeps. Guess it's not that sexy after all, Twilight. He's also been "thinking a lot about her," sort of how Ben "thought" about the un-young maid last week.

Constance continues to mix fabulousness with just-plain-wrongness as she makes some vomit-inducing cupcakes for Violet (why? who knows!), and shares the fascinating fact that her womb is "cursed" and Adelaide is the third of her children to be born with Down's. The fourth kid was lost to "other things." She also locks Addy in a closet full of mirrors to punish her. Jesus.

Meanwhile, Ben has gone back to Boston allegedly to help a suicidal patient, but really to accompany his former mistress to get an abortion. And we add another taboo to the topics this show tackles with wild abandon. Vivien tells Ben what a "good man" he is for going back to help. As it turns out, he's a distant second to a stalker ghost.

Because yes, Tate is a spirit! He appears when invoked to help Vivien and Violet ward off a trio of serial-killer fetishists (including Ben's new patient--he's such an insightful psychiatrist) who break into the house seeking to reenact the crime from the beginning of the episode. Tate tells Violet to get two of them to the basement while the new patient is barfing from Constance's cupcakes. What's in the basement? Why, the tub the one woman was drowned in. What's in the tub? The un-dead woman, of course! Scared the crap out of me when she sat up. Vivien and Violet escape the house of horrors with a little help from the basement-dwelling whatever, and now Vivien wants to move. Ya think?

So the episode's unanswered questions? Ben bolts before we can be sure the girl went through with the procedure. Methinks she'll be showing up later. And I'm wondering if Tate is Constance's son? Any storylines/characters I've forgotten? Leave me a question in the comments!

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