Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An annotated guide to Top Gear 2.3

More highlights in British history and culture as gleaned from Top Gear!

Reference: Jeremy Clarkson, describing a "Volksvagon": "Sort of a Swiss Family Rocketship."
Heh: Swiss Family Robinson is a nineteenth-century Swiss novel written in German about a family shipwrecked in the East Indies on the way to Australia. Disney adapted the book into a movie in 1960, featuring this excellent treehouse.

Reference: JC, justifying an unexpected comment: "I haven't come over all Bill Oddie-ish."
Heh: William "Bill" Oddie, MBE, is an English jack-of-all-trades (author, actor, comedian, orinthologist) who was admitted to a psychiatric hospital in 2001.

Reference: James May shared, "When I was a child, I loved Bristols, then I was quite into cars."
Heh: Though the segment was about the Bristol car company, in the British lexicon, "Bristol" connotes "Bristol city" which is rhyming slang for "titty." Classy, Top Gear!

Hail Britannia.

Another fun episode featuring special guest "dude who played Starsky first," who was visibly annoyed at the sweater JC put on to interview him. I'm also seriously considering being The Stig for Halloween.

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