Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy 100th!

Time flies, huh?  We can't quite believe that we've hit 100 posts already.  It may go without saying how happy we are to do this for ourselves but we're thrilled that you guys have (hopefully) gotten some enjoyment out of it too.

That said we're looking for some feedback.  Anything you want us to add?  Don't bother with stuff you think we should take away.  We just won't do it.  But feel free to tell us what you dislike anyway.  And don't get us started on the Blogger comments.  It sucks.  We know it.  Blogger seems to just ignore it.  Until we are able to move to our own site (someday!) commenting on our respective Facebook pages is working so far.  And soon we'll probably have a OMWGeekery FB page too!

We'd love to make this more interactive with our friends.  In fact just yesterday one of Tracy's friends asked if she'd ever seen Top Gear and thought it'd be fun to hear her impression of it.  As it's a great show and is currently streaming on Netflix, I bet Tracy will oblige.

We're getting off track.  But really, challenge us!  Send us in new directions.  Get us to venture out of our Whedonverse.  And since we've now evoked the great and powerful Whedon:

HAPPY 100th from Tracy and Alisa
Thanks for all your support, and keep reading! Imagine what we'll do for our 300th post!

This! Is! Once More with Geekery!


  1. Congrats! I've been up for two and a half years and just this minute pressed out my 193rd. Salut!

  2. I've missed you for two and three quarters years? Unforgivable!