Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TV Shows Premiering This Week

This is going to be more of a gripe than just letting you know what shows are airing this week.  So if you don't like reading complaints then skip this post.  Still with me?  I promise to keep the bitching to a minimum.

Chuck and Grimm are both on this Friday night at 8pm and 9pm respectively on NBC.  Now I don't watch a whole lot of NBC other than Community and Parks and Recreation.  I used to watch it tons but that was back in the day when they didn't rely so heavily on reality show programming.  In fact I kinda feel like NBC has given up on themselves too but whatever. 

My issue here is with Chuck.  It's been a favorite of mine since it first aired back in 2007.  I was even at the panel for it at Comic Con that year and will never forget it.  In fact I can't even tell you what made my friend Dana and I go to that panel.  Maybe it was because of Adam Baldwin but I don't remember exactly.  Anywhoodle, we were so glad we went and have stuck with the show ever since.  Dana and I weren't alone.  There are lots of passionate and awesome Chuck fans out there who have literally kept that show on the air.  We bought more Subway sandwiches than a person should have in a lifetime to prove people cared about it.  We held our breath and crossed our fingers each season in hopes that NBC would give it one more shot.  To their credit, NBC kept it on longer than most of us expected and we thank them for that.  However this is the final season of Chuck and NBC is giving us a short season.  They've very obviously not bothered to invest any money in promoting it because after 13 episodes Chuck will be gone and replaced by some singing/weight loss combo show.  Go to NBC's website and find something about Chuck airing this Friday.   As I said I only watch two NBC shows...nope, three, I forgot that I've been watching Prime Suspect too.  So three shows and I have yet to see an ad.  They're pushing Grimm and I get that because it's got some strikes against it: new show, no recognizable stars, airing on Friday night (aka Death Night).  Chuck is deserving of a proper salute and send off and NBC can't be bothered.  I will really miss that show when it's gone. So to Chuck and Sarah, Casey and Morgan and everyone else...THANKS! 

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