Friday, October 21, 2011

Potent Notables

Apparently I forgot to post any potent notables. Never fear, I have some of last week's to go along with this weeks. All's forgiven, right?

- I’m sorry, does that say 24 years later?  Wow. There have been times where I’ve felt old but 24 years since Princess Bride really takes the cake.

- If I had money and a waistline I’d totally bid on these dresses

- I KNEW IT!!! The first thing I said to whoever I was talking to at the time was that people were probably expecting something more like The Transporter or Fast and Furious.  People are nuts.

- EW wonders if shelving shows for the World Series is worth it.  My opinion is totally based on the fact that I hate watching baseball on TV and that it’s only enjoyable at a ball park ( for 4 innings).
- No need to wonder because here is the answer 

I'm going to keep pushing Tin Tin until everyone is on board. Even if Cameron was kinda sorta involved, I still want to see it.

- Personally I think they should leave it alone. It's been soooo long and the movie has to seem pretty dated.


  1. Hmmm...interestingly, that would make River eligible for an Oscar 18 years after his death...

  2. Dude! I hadn't even thought of that! I still wonder why now? Maybe the director is trying to drum up some work for himself.

    I just read that Joaquin won't help out with dubbing. I don't blame him at all.