Monday, October 24, 2011

Today in Pop Culture History: The United Federation of Planets mourns

24 October 1991: Gene Roddenberry, pilot, cop, futurist, and creator of the original Star Trek series, died in Santa Monica. His sci-fi vision of inter-planetary travel and alien contact was based on a model of exploration and knowledge, not domination, and spawned six television series and eleven films (with one in production).  Six years after his death, his ashes boldly went where no human remains had gone before, and were launched into space. Pretty rad.

Were he one to show human emotion, Mr. Spock would have wept.

24 October 1994: Raul Julia died at age 54 in New York from complications from a brain hemorrhage after a long, unspecified stomach illness. He was an accomplished stage and screen (big and small) actor, and received posthumous Golden Globe and Emmy awards for his last performance in The Burning Season. My favorite Julia role is his razor-sharp take-no-prisoners attorney in Presumed Innocent.

He also held his own opposite William Hurt in Kiss of the Spiderwoman--no easy task.

24 October 1939: Nylon stockings went on sale for the first time in Delaware, making this classic cinematic moment possible 28 years later.

Stockings doing their part to make Mrs. Robinson the most attractive of all Ben's parents' friends.

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