Thursday, October 13, 2011

Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Suburgatory?  If you had you would have seen:

- Jeremy Sisto rockin' the mom jeans.

Didja watch Modern Family?  If you had you would have seen:
- Tobias! er, David Cross!  I really look forward to his arc on Modern Family.

- Mitchell tackle Todd from Community and shouting, "Help! He's slipping out of his skinny jeans!"  I couldn't find a screen cap.  Boo.

Didja watch Happy Endings?  If you had you would have seen:

- Megan Mullally as Penny's (Casey Wilson) mom. They did a amusing 'discussion through song' bit but that's not pictured above. Above is their version of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn at a boat show.

Casey really is the only good thing on the show.  I can never remember anyone else's name and sadly have to rely on stereotypes or old characters to refer to rest of the cast: Black guy (who is actually Damon Wayans Jr.), gay guy (no idea what this actor's name is), blond sisters (Jack Bauer's daughter and the chick from [bad era] Scrubs), and the other guy (who was on Flash Forward-RIP).  They are TOTALLY misusing D.W. Jr. and he should have stayed on New Girl. 

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  1. I really can't believe ABC saved Happy Endings over Mr. Sunshine.