Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Terra Nova - The Morning After

Better.  Not great, but better.  They're finally giving me a few of the things I wanted to see on this show.  Last night's episode titled, "The Runaway," gave us a decent story that worked for both the single episode and the overall bigger picture.  This show could work if they went with the standard of one big storyline plus a story per episode model.  They're getting caught up in the bigger picture of settling an early earth and not focusing on a specific storyline beyond that.  Even the one they're sorta focusing on, which has got to be Col Taylor, has too many places to go.  Are we focusing on why he's a bad leader?  Why his son ran off and is decorating the area with intricate drawings? His deal with the sixers and why they left?  Is it all adding up to the same thing?  It's the fourth episode and we should be in more of a clear direction by now.

Thankfully they did provide a few other things I was hoping to see.  The younger residents of Terra Nova do get to play with some fun tech-y toys.  I really liked the version of the Etch-a-Sketch Zoe was playing with.  We got to see other kids and that they do actually go to school (if they're not a sixer runaway that is).  The older Shannon daughter had more to do than moon over a guy. It was nice to see her freak out about the puss and guts of the medical field.  Plus there was a cool mixed-gender fight scene.  That chick meant business and I'm surprised they captured her.  We were still stuck with the outdoor market and clinic as the only places to run into other Terra Nova residents.  How about a soccer field somewhere?  A gymnasium perhaps?  Those military types have to work out somewhere, right?

The sixers seem kind of lame and we really should be given more information about what's going on with them by now.  The writers should watch a season of Vampire Diaries to see how it's done.  The V.D. folks move through a story at a take-no-prisoners speed without sacrificing ANYTHING.

Lesson learned from "The Runaway"...never trust children.  They all have ulterior motives and are only interested in their own personal gain.  I'm just kidding.  But really, don't trust kids.  They're shifty and smell of paste.

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