Friday, November 11, 2011

Adaptation Angst: Under the Dome

It's a rumble! io9 reports that Showtime is seeing HBO's adaptation of Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and raising it a Brian K. Vaughan penned series based on Under the Dome. I had to approach finishing Under the Dome, King's mammoth novel about a small Maine town (surprise!) cut off from the rest of the country by an invisible force-field, like grading papers--dutifully slogging through a chapter a night. But the addition of Vaughan is intriguing and promising. In addition to the fourth season of Lost and several issues of the Buffy season 8 graphic novel series, he wrote Y: The Last Man, which I think is stone-cold brilliant and one of the top-ten novels of any genre of the last decade. He might be able to inject some humor and subtlety into the King novel I thought was lacking a bit of both. Angst level: 2.

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