Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Today in Pop Culture History: The Aviator and the Quiz Show

2 November 1947: Billionaire jack-of-all trades Howard Hughes flew the wooden plane he had designed, nicknamed "The Spruce Goose," over Long Beach Harbor. Though the Goose's one and only flight only lasted a minute, it was more successful than other homemade aircraft in pop culture history. Hughes's fascination with planes, fascinating life, and fascinatingly train-wrecky battle with OCD which eventually turned him into a shut-in, was made for the movies. At least that's what Martin Scorsese thought.

Leo making crippling neuroses sexy

Depends Who You Ask
2 November 1959: Rich and well-connected "winner" on the popular game show Twenty One Charles Van Doren admitted during a Congressional hearing that he had been given the answers in advance. The charges of anti-Semitism and classism that were lobbed at the show's producers by the man he was helped to beat, Herb Stempel, created a scandal made for the movies. At least that's what Robert Redford thought.
Ralph making conspiratorial deceit sexy.

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