Monday, November 14, 2011

A Very Special Trailer Park

Here it is...the trailer for The Hunger Games.

I may, may have to backtrack a bit and admit this looks pretty darn good.  HOWEVER, so much of it is still wrong.  Or at least not how I pictured it.  District 12 looks not so awful.  I wanted it to look post-Apocalyptic.  Somewhere that buildings are barely standing and clothes are literally hanging by a thread.  They're very clean and put-together looking.  Maybe not as war torn as where the prawns were living in the movie, District 9, but not far off either.  Gritty.  That's what it's not.  Maybe I'm wrong but that's how I pictured it.  Other than that and my complaints with casting (which I'll probably discuss soon) it looks pretty cool.  The scope of it seems to be as big as I was hoping so that's good. 

1 comment:

  1. Sigh. I can't get past the Peeta/Gayle casting travesty. And I wish it would have ended right when the game started, rather than seeing her run and pick stuff up.