Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunday's The Walking Dead

We get a good look at the barn dwellers and how they're fed (poor chicken!).  Glenn is not so subtly staring at the barn with binoculars and Maggie snaps at him to be a little less obvious about it.  She's trying to get him to relax a bit about it but that's so not going to happen.

Rick, Shane and one of Hershel's group are studying a map and think that they'll have some luck finding Sophia at a nearby housing development.  Little Carl is up and around and...packing heat.  Lori's not thrilled about her young son having a gun and she and Rick have a Carl-being-armed discussion.

Glenn can't hold it together much longer and decides to confide in, no DUMP ON, Dale.  He absolutely blurts out about the barn dwellers and Lori's bun-filled oven.  Of course nothing gets by Dale so he would have figured it all out anyway.  Dale takes it upon himself to go on a fishing-for-info expedition with Hershel who shares his motives (he thinks they can be cured and refuses to kill them because they're his friends and family) but basically tells Dale to mind his own beeswax.  Dang, Hershel is STUBBORN!  He is at it again with them leaving when Carl is up to it but this time to Lori.  She then barks at Rick for hiding this fact from the group who are all settling in quite well.

***Here is where I'm gonna split it up by groups***

Shane is trying to help Andrea with moving target practice but goes a little far by bringing up her dead sister, Amy.  That was a step too far and she storms off.  She is literally stomping down a road and Shane cuts her off in order to get her to stop for a minute and listen to him.  She agrees to go with him to the neighborhood to see if there's any sign of Sophia.  They get there and don't see much at first and enter a house saying Sophia's name a bit too loudly for my liking.  They find stacks of burned people who I'm guessing chose self-immolation instead of zombification.  I bet that smelled yummy.  Then the non-crispy walkers in the area find them and Shane and Andrea shoot their way back to the car.  Andrea's gun misfires and instead of covering her, Shane lowers his weapon in order to teach her a very scary lesson on shooting under pressure.  She's good, y'all and shoots them walkers dead (dead for a second time, I mean).  They get to the car and she even turns to unload a few more rounds just for kicks and giggles.  Well this is all Shane and Andrea need to get in the mood because things get saucy in Shane's new ride.  They return to camp and the post-shooting-zombie-coitus is written all over their faces, which all-knowing Dale spots immediately.  He tries to get Shane to jump in his car and take off and even calls him on the vagueness surrounding Otis's death.  Shane's not having it though and gets all up in Dale's grill.

So Glenn's unable to keep secrets and tells them to the wizened Dale.  Lori send him back into town to pick up something private and Maggie offers to join him again.  Something tells me that this little trip to their illicit pharmacy isn't going to be like last time.  Maggie's in a mood, defending what Hershel is up to in the barn.  She gets a look at what Lori needs and heads behind the counter because it's not something you get on the over it.  That tells me what it is and I think Lori's a little late.  So Maggie's fishing around on the shelves in the back of the store and a walker grabs her arm.  She gets awfully close to getting bit but doesn't because Glenn is there and comes to the mutha-effin' rescue. Back at camp Maggie makes a HUGE scene while giving Lori her morning after pills.  Later Maggie goes off on Glenn for being the group's errand boy, really their bitch, and tells him he's worth so much more and kisses him.  Awwwww!  Lori feels terrible about how close they came to getting bit and Glenn, ever the sweetheart, eases her guilt and reminds her that she doesn't have to make this decision alone.

Speaking of, what's Rick up to while Lori's going out of her mind about being pregnant?  Who knows.  But Dale, not getting enough MYOB from Hershel, heads off to Lori for another session of "I know your private business."  In his defense he tells her a nice story about when his wife got pregnant and even gets Lori to smile.  You forget these people can smile, you know? Lori takes his speechifying into consideration for a minute or two and decides to down the morning after pills.  All of them.  Yeah, that'll work.  She immediately is up and out of her tent to find a nice place to puke them back up.  Rick heads into the tent to find the empty box of pills and storms off to find Lori.  She protests that she didn't take them but he's not thrilled that she didn't even tell him before now.  Heck, he wouldn't have probably even known if he hadn't found the box.  She's upset about raising kids in this world of sadness and fear and I don't blame her but she still should have shared some of this with him.  PEOPLE, you don't have to go through things on your own.  EVER.  Rick promptly asks if there's anything else he should know and she, with almost no hesitation, tells him about her and Shane.  He doesn't really even flinch and says that he figured as much because they thought he was dead, they were scared, etc.  Wow, he's a good man.  Too good, even.

Next week?  Glenn spills the barn secret to more people and there seems to be some barn-related action.  Will they ever find Sophia?  Who knows.  I think I cared at first but this is taking forever.  I mean, I know what takes weeks for us is days for them but they don't have a lot to go on.

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