Thursday, November 17, 2011

Suburgatory, Modern Family, Happy Endings - Didja watch?

Didja watch Suburgatory?  If you had you woulda seen:

- It's Tessa's 16th birthday and all she wants to do is get a pizza and watch movies with her two friends.  Neighbor Dallas (Cheryl Hines) has a better idea.  In exchange for getting her favorite band to play, Tessa has to let Dallas's daughter, Dalia plan the party.  Dallas thinks this is her daughter's chance to shine:
    Dallas: Ever since Dalia failed her career aptitude test her dad's been leaning on me to make sure she has one."
    Tessa: A career?
    Dallas: An aptitude.

- George throws his back out and is having trouble because he's getting old.  Never fear, Sheila Shay (Ana Gastayer) is here!  She helps him feel better by giving him her leftover hysterectomy pain pills.

- Tessa's interesting dancing at the party.  She left that party because Dalia had kicked out her two real friends and ended up getting the party she wanted all along.

Note: Dalia (on the right) is looking more and more like a zombie.  It doesn't help that she speaks in a monotone and has zero personality.

Didja watch Modern Family?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Cam, who apparently sleep clowns.  Sleep clowning is apparently putting on full clown makeup and costume.  (I wish there was a screencap)

- A neighbor's house burns down so Claire organizes a donation drive.  Jay, while carrying a box of items, throws out his back.  It's a theme! I wonder if anyone's back will go out on Happy Endings.

- Cam is moving one of Jay's trucks and I don't remember why because I was playing Angry Birds.  This episode didn't wow me so I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention.  Anywhoodle, the girls go with him and they get into all sorts of trouble.

- OH! And Manny and Luke are playing with a remote control helicopter.  It gets taken by a group of nerds who won't give it back.  Cam and the girls happen upon the scene and Alex gets out, takes her hair down and says she'll handle it.  Turns out she's the queen of the nerds and they hand the thing right back to the boys.  Haley is stunned and Alex says, "You have your fans.  I have mine.  Someday your fans are going to work for mine."  Heh.

Didja watch Happy Endings?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Max's high school girlfriend, Angie, is visiting and he's suddenly embarrassed of the rest of the group.  This is strange because usually they're having to explain his behavior.

- Brad and the other blond have work spouses and decide they should all meet.  That'll go well.  It's not terribly interesting.  Brad's work wife thinks of him as a father figure and other blond's work husband, the head of HR thinks they're all there for a sex swapping thing:

- Dave hits it off with Max's ex but doesn't want them dating because it would be a violation of the bro code.  Dave's argument is that Max is gay and shouldn't that negate the code?

- Turns out Angie broke Max's heart (not vice versa like he claimed) and he's still sore about it.  That doesn't get Dave off the hook though and Max comes up with a new code, "The Hair Code for Men."  This code entails Max giving Dave a tight home perm while he slept (again, the lack of screencaps is disappointing).  Everyone's take on Dave's new style was pretty funny.  Some of the better lines were:
   "You look like Keri Russell after she ruined Felicity."
   "Temple Grandin!"
   "It's Pat!"
   "Whoa. You look like a Jonas uncle."

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