Friday, November 11, 2011

Potent Notables

- Um, wow.  I have no words. 

- I love when people compile things that I never would have had the patience, time or interest to do myself.  You don't realize how unoriginal movie posters are until you see them together like this.

- So did you hear that Brett Ratner said some not-so-nice things the other day?  Because of it he's stepped down as producer of the Oscars.  Eddie stepped down as host too.  I was curious as to what it would be like and now I'll never know.  Somehow I still think I'll be able to sleep at night.  Meanwhile they've (sort of) been scrambling to find a replacement.  I like their choice but it's a been there-done that kind of situation.

Yes please!
- As I've said, I'm totally and completely excited about the movie Haywire.  I have until January though so events like the one the AFI did will *hopefully* hold me over.  Of course the thought of Fassbender, MacGregror, and McHale (odd choice as host) together on one stage is an appealing one.

- Speaking of Fassbender (as I find myself doing on occasion), he did a fun little interview with Entertainment Weekly about Haywire.  

- What would life be without a Hunger Games tidbit? Amiright?

- So I guess lots of people get bit with the acting bug, huh? 

- My friend, Dana, and I have big crushes on Chris Hardwick so this is good news for us.  He's a busy guy with the Nerdist podcasts, Web Soup, and Talking Dead.  Speaking of, are y'all watching the Talking Dead shows that air at midnight after The Walking Dead?  It's a fun show but waaaaay past my bedtime so I usually watch it Monday nights.  You should watch it.  It'll be good for you.

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