Monday, November 14, 2011

Chuck, Grimm and Fringe - Last Friday Night

I really don't mean to wait so many days to post the Friday night shows.  It's just that I don't usually watch them until Sunday, then other things get in the way and so on.  

Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips
They decide using Casey to hit on Verbanski (guest, Carrie Ann Moss) is a good idea.  It doesn't go incredibly well but he does plant a bug on her so he can see what she's doing.  It's adorable that he's doing recon before asking her out.

Oh Morgan, no.  Just no.
General Beckman returns with a job for Carmichael Industries.  Stupid Morgan has totally changed and it starts with him pimping himself out to Verbanski for a job and he gets worse from there..  He's telling everyone about being the intersect.  Yeah, that'll go well.  He shows up to quit the Buy More with a spray tan, frosted tips and lifts.  Chuck decides that the only way to get him to snap out of it is to give him a metaphoric pantsing.  I hope it results in a literal pantsing.  Oh and Morgan has stolen the info Beckman gave them about the job so of course Chuck and crew have to break into Verbanski's building to get it back.  Morgan is training other operatives and Chuck winds up right in the middle of it.  He can't get through to Morgan so he ends up actually pantsing him.  And all is well with my world.

Sarah adds things up and, with help from Ellie, realizes that the intersect, which was not sent to them by the CIA, is an odd version and messing with Morgan at his core.  Both teams show up to pull off Beckman's job and end up fighting each other and miss that the target is just about to get away.  A fire breaks out but Chuck and Casey save Morgan and Verbanski (respectively) and they split the profits.

Casey is headed out for a date with Verbanski and his pre-date ritual is choosing which guns to bring with him.  Heh.
Nothing like being armed and in love
Also, since Morgan was shooting off his mouth about being the Intersect there is now a kill order on him.  Bummer.  Chuck is gonna fix everything, right?

Oh and Awesome found himself fixing Jeff by just telling him to stop sleeping in his van, which he has to keep running all the time because if he turns it off it won't go back on again AND leaks exhaust into the van itself.  He shows  up for work looking as normal as Jeff can and Lester is beyond perplexed.  What does this mean for Jeffster?

Grimm "Beeware"
This one was pretty cool.  A large group gets onto a streetcar and amongst them is a lovely lady with INCREDIBLE patent Louboutins and I'm jealous.  Also there's a shady looking dude with a big bag.  What he pulls out of that bag is scarier than a bomb.  It's a boombox playing YMCA! Nooooo!!! So it turns out to be a flash mob.  Aren't those things over yet? Everyone on the streetcar, except for Louboutins, is in on it.  Next thing you know the mob is hopping off the streetcar and Louboutins is DEAD.  I wonder what her shoe size was...

Do Not Want!
Nick and his partner are on the case!  She died from anaphalactic shock from a bee sting.  But according to the coroner/medical examiner person it would have to have been a HUGE bee.  Huh.  Nick soon discovers that he's up against bee shifters or mellifers.  Geeze, they'll be hard to catch.  Nick impresses Eddie, the comic relief, with his knowledge that the hexenbiest is the natural enemy of the mellifers. He got it from Aunt Marie's book so it's not that impressive. The blonde chick that tried to kill Aunt Marie a few episodes ago?  She's a hexenbiest and also the next target of the deadly, buzzing flash mob.  Nick and his partner have to protect her but Nick wants to grill her for Aunt Marie's attempted murder.

Stuff happens, people face off, the queen bee dies but not before giving Nick a warning that something bad is coming.  Oooooo!  Also, did you guys notice that women are quite often the victims on this show?  There was the one dude last week getting hunted but his girlfriend was a victim too.

Fringe "And Those We Left Behind"
This was a very science-y episode with tons of heart and passion.  Truly this is a great show.  Too bad no one watches it.

Peter is having a very sweet dream about a perfect day with Olivia in a park while Walter is on the swings.  Awww, sooo cute!  He wakes and I'm sad because that's not the relationship any of them have anymore.

There have been problems with time since Peter has shown up.  These weird flashy things occur with noticeable time anomalies.  They're even trying to use tech from the other universe which is kind of cool to see there's some sharing going on. Peter's with Olivia and Lincoln at the sites of the anomalies but he's and experiencing his own time shifts.  Walter still wants to pretend that Peter doesn't exist so that's making things a bit awkward.

Stephen Root shows and I get excited.  Apparently the woman playing his wife in this episode is his real life wife and not really Finn's mom from Glee.  Huh.  Anywhoodle, she is a theoretical physiscist messing with time/space equations and is close to figuring it all out.  Suddenly we get a time shift and she's gone, not physically but mentally.  She's in a different room and totally zoned out in a chair while he brings her tea (maybe coffee; I didn't get a good look inside the cup).  So my spidey senses tell me this is the root (get it? Like Stephen Root?) of the time anomalies and it's happening because her mind is lost to Alzheimers or dimension or both.  Poor thing.

Walter figures out the pattern of the location of the time anomalies and locate the house where Stephen Root has built a basement full of computers and computer stuff all based on his wife's work.  The fringe team need to stop them because if they don't a ton of people will die in a tunnel that wasn't there 4 years ago.  Peter suggests using a Farraday cage to get through the time bubble covering their house and I smile because A) I actually know what a Farraday cage is and B) Farraday always makes me think of Lost.  Oh Lost.  If only I were blogging you...  Where was I? Turns out Walter has a Farraday harness (of course he does) that should get Peter through the bubble but could turn him into confetti once on the other side.  Also it's worth noting that Root is such a versatile and totally underrated actor.  Peter makes it through and does not turn to confetti.  Yay!  He gets in the house and wanders down to the basement where he explains the situation to the good folks causing all the problems.  The husband wasn't thinking of the bigger picture and had no idea it'd be causing so many problems for everyone else in the world.  The wife however, in a state of lucidity 'cause it's like 4 years ago for them at that moment, says something about their always being repercussions and gets a look on her face that you know isn't good news for her husband who just wants his mentally capable wife back.  This is nice because usually the people they're trying to stop have such intense focus and can't be dissuaded.  He would have continued it no matter how many people he killed but the wife cares too much.  Good for her.  She lets him think she's finishing the equation but really she's redacting all her work so he can't rebuild it.  Bummer.

Oh and Olivia and Peter have a brief but sweet conversation about what she meant to him in the place he came from.  For the longest time I thought he was where he came from but that the Observers screwed everything up by removing him.  Now I'm not sure that we're not in a third universe.  They have two, why not add another?

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