Thursday, November 3, 2011

Suburgatory, Modern Family, and Happy Endings - Didja watch?

It was 'Night of the Guest Stars' on 2 of the 3 shows!

Didja watch Suburgatory?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Tessa trying to teach the suburbanites about waste. In order to get her point across she used her friend, Gladys.  Poor Lisa didn't quite get what Gladys was tucking and where.

- Tessa gets the quote of the episode with, "All they care about is how they look or what they drive or how they look in what they drive."

- Sisto said my name!!! Ok, my first name but still! 

Didja watch Modern Family?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Cam 'playing straight' and hitting on Leslie Mann.

- Cam explaining that if she had been a guy he never would have been so smooth and referred to it as his "Gift of the Vagi."

- Then Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly show up as friends of Jay and Gloria.

- Jay, hopped up on baby asprin, letting loose on the dance floor (also pictured above).

Didja watch Happy Endings?  If you had you woulda seen:

I don't remember it looking like this but I was probably playing a game on my iPod.
- the Steaktanic

- Alex's date, Ian, made a grand gesture every time they went out.  Even when they stayed in to watch The Princess Bride he got Fred Savage to do a live commentary.

 - Brad and other blond take secret staycations from each other.  Brad befriends Brent Musburger who is staying at the same hotel.

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