Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Charmed is really getting good

As I hit the mid-way point of the second season, I'm really becoming emotionally invested in these characters--even to the point I was beginning to feel like I was being too hard on Phoebe's fashion choices. Then, this happened:
But now the ridiculous clothes and hair are more just a part of what I look forward to about the show.

Episodes Watched
"Ms. Hellfire"
"Heartbreak City"
"Reckless Abandon"

Into It
Whenever a former General Hospital star appears on Charmed, it's nothing but goodness. Finola Huges (aka Anna Devane) has already distinguished herself as the Charmed Ones' mom, Patty. In "Ms. Hellfire," Jagger Cates (you might know him as Antonio Sabato Jr., but he'll always be Jagger to me) brings the sexy as some sort of emissary of the Time Lord from last season's "From Here to Eternity" named Bane. Prue, going undercover as a hitwoman, has better chemistry with him than anyone else in the season-and-a-half so far.

Over It
Though "Ms. Hellfire" is a Friday the 13th episode, which is fun, why has Charmed not done a Halloween episode yet? It's such a missed opportunity!

Waiting for It
Oh, I am ever so happy with the direction the Piper/Leo/Dan triangle is heading. Last week's installment, with Leo evaporating Edward-in-New Moon-style stressed me out so much I had to consult my in-house Charmed expert, Nicole, for reassurance. But if I had just been patient, "Awakened" would have satisfied me greatly. Leo saves Piper from a bizarre non-demonic deadly fever (don't ask--it's not important), and gets his wings clipped for the transgression. Well, now that he's mortal, Leo isn't taking this whole "your friend Dan" thing lying down. To quote the green-eyed hottie directly: "I'm going to fight for you. Let the best man win." FINALLY!
Oh, crap. It's on.

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