Friday, November 4, 2011

Community, Parks & Rec, and Bones - Didja watch?

Didja watch Community?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Troy's mad plumbing and HVAC skills.  I love that he's a savant with that stuff but that he's not giving in.

- Pierce's wipes are a gay icon.  Heh. You can see the full video from Urbana Champaign here but there's a commercial.  Boo.

- Pierce's dad who calls Pierce by his full name: Piercenault Anastasia Hawthorne. 

- That thing perched atop Pierce's dad's head. Did he say it's ivory? I love that it was his last wish that whoever killed him got to keep it.  Poor Jeff.

- the 'room temperature' room.  It's so secret that I'm unable to find a screencap.

Didja watch Parks and Recreation?  If you had you woulda seen:

- Hail Zorp!

- Andy and April fulfilling Andy's bucket list.  I'm sorry the commercials showed us their destination because that would have been a fun reveal.

- The e7wenty 'end of the world' party that actually looked like a lot of fun.

Note: I think I'm mourning the demise of Leslie and Ben as much as Leslie is.  That reporter chick, Shauna Malwae-Tweep, better stop sniffing around.

Didja watch Bones? If you had you woulda seen:

- Booth and Bones in full-on relationship mode.  I'm totally weirded out by this and not because I still think his only true love is Buffy. I know he's not really Angel.

- How gross this show is.  I forget until I start watching an episode, like this one, when bugs are crawling out of someone's brain.

- Angela and Hodges's baby is REALLY CUTE. I know, I know, all babies are beautiful but this one was really, truly adorable.

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