Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Terra Nova - The Morning After

Ok, the show is getting a little better.  They give us another colony location and this time it's a cool room called The Eye.  It's a library of sorts and Jim has taken youngest daughter, Zoe, there.  One of the colony's teen boys thinks he's been hungover for a few days and is convinced to go to the clinic to get checked out.  Dr. Shannon finds that instead he's got a (roughly) 30 ft. parasite inside of him.  Ew.  But still kinda cool.  And lastly there's a meteor headed their way.  When it hits it sends a sonic wave right to the colony which, kinda looks fun until it knocks out their electronics.  Wouldn't you hate to be the kid with the parasite now?

Oh and I almost forgot that the Shannon's elder daughter (I should really learn the teen kids names but I can't be bothered) is off on a romantic nature hike with the cute soldier boy.  He takes her to a field and I'm having Twilight flashes:
If he starts to sparkle I'm so outta here
After the sonic wave their automobile doesn't work and they have to hike back to the colony.  It takes them longer than they thought so in order to avoid some raptors, they cover themselves in stinky mud and climb a tree.  The female teen Shannon is enamored with soldier boy and doesn't let a little mud keep her from getting a kiss.  She's afraid she'll die never knowing what's it's like to kiss a boy and I wonder to myself how many teens have used that line when avoiding deadly dinosaurs.

Yep, I'd be making that face too.
So the meteor hits, people panic and inevitably get hurt.  The clinic gets pretty busy and parasite boy has to wait a bit because they can't get it out if the fancy bed and hovering touch screen above the bed don't work.  Eventually they realize they need to get it out of him and Dr. Shannon goes in the old school way, with a scalpel and a high hopes she can get it out smoothly.  Of course things don't go smoothly and someone with a bloody head shows up at the clinic which means Dr. Shannon must tend to them first.  Luckily parasite boy came in with that girl that the teen Shannon boy is friends with and again I should probably learn people's names.  She is all sorts of wigged out but has to take over reeling in the parasite from the kid's abdomen (that's it on the thing between her two hands).  She's doing well with the parasite until it snaps and sucks right back into his body.  Luckily we later find out that it's dead and the kid will be alright.  Mostly I'm only sharing this with you because the thought of a 30ft. parasite both intrigues and freaks the crap out of me.

Jim Shannon and daughter Zoe are locked in the Eye room since all the electronics were knocked out by the sonic wave.  Zoe is adorable and one of the few child actors who doesn't annoy me.  Jim figures out that there's an access route under the floor which would get them to the other side of the door where they could open it manually.  Unfortunately the access is pretty small and just the right size for a child of Zoe's size.  Zoe wants to help but is hesitant because of spiders.  Girl after my own heart.  Jim makes up the spider song which works and keeps the spiders away while Zoe crawls around.  He loses track of her and panics only to have her let him out of the room.  She rocks.

An old-school firewall.  Neat.
Jim joins up with Commander Hardass who is trying to figure out how to get the colony up and running again.  They need the skeevy bartender to reprogram all the little computer thingys that run everything.   Meanwhile the sixers get word that the colony is without power and they decide now is the time for bossy Mira to get her mysterious box back.  They bring a rather large dinosaur with them as a distraction.  Commander Hardass and Jim create an old-school firewall to keep the big guy out.  It works until Commander Hardass recognizes that it's a distraction and they make a run for the lab where the box is being kept.  They get into a scuffle with the sixers and the skeevy bartender, who is a double agent for the sixers, comes to Commander Hardass's rescue.  However they were too late and the box is gone.  Mira gives it to a guy who wanders out of the jungle and I correctly guess that this is Commander Hardass's long-lost son.  He opens the box and some tech pops up from it.  It's more of the equations that he's been writing on rocks and such around Terra Nova.  The one thing I like about this guy so far is that he puts Mira in her place.

So are you still watching?  Do you think the show is getting better?  Did you like the big dino?  How 'bout that parasite?  Am I asking too many questions?

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